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by ButterFingers, Published on 03:00, 18th Jun 2018
Roland Atelier AT30-R in American walnut finish. Excellent condition internal and external. High quality sampled sounds, for a small organ the church organ can make the wall and floors shake if needed, good for Hammond, Big Band, Theatre Organ, etc. Easy layer sounds, All sounds are high qualit
by ButterFingers, Published on 02:50, 18th Jun 2018
Ahlborn SL-100 Compact Digital Classical Pipe Organ Just bought a larger 2 manual for more extensive academic pieces with pedals so I am selling the rest of the keyboards from my private collection. I need an Ahlborn Romantic Module, but I know that many had problems with leaking batteries in

Hammond S6 Make Offer

by Rick Weirman, Published on 17:50, 16th Jun 2018
Hammond late 50's or early 60's chord organ. Model S6, Fully functional, great condition. My dad bought this new, and it was in our living room and taken care of until he passed. I took it when the house was sold, even though I don't play, because I didn't want to see it scrapped or sold for junk
by shs579, Published on 01:28, 15th Jun 2018
I'm looking for an owner's manual for my Gulbransen President model 2134. Hope someone out there has one!
by shs579, Published on 01:24, 15th Jun 2018
I'm looking for a set of headphones for my 1970's Gulbransen President organ model 2134. I hope someone out there has a set for sale!
by gebohmusic, Published on 00:19, 14th Jun 2018
I have a set of 21 Maas Cathedral Chimes.I am in need of the following:--underkey contact rail (preferably from an Allen organ)--5 position rotary switch--transformer--cable 12 to 15 ft min.I would also consider a 21 note keyboard that is made for chimes.
by jrball, Published on 17:00, 10th Jun 2018
A long time ago I got a lot of parts and speakers from early Allen organs and Leslie cabinets - the ones with 3 rotating speakers.There are approximately:2 mono amps1 power supply4 16" speakers1 14" speaker19 12" speakers11 tweeters39 tab straight stop rail1 curved swell shoe without the potentiomet
by JEC, Published on 00:14, 5th Jun 2018
I have a Rodgers 925 organ in my home. I am looking for Rodgers FL3 wall speakers. They can be new or used, but should be in very good condition.
by ahigbee, Published on 15:54, 2nd Jun 2018
1980 Allen digital church organ for sale in Cleveland area, similar to Allen "Chancel" CF-10, two-manual AGO-standard console, 38 stops, 10 general pistons, two memory levels, good working condition. Dual-channel output, two amplifiers, two Allen speaker enclosures each with a 15" bass, a 5" midran
by indyzmike, Published on 21:30, 31st May 2018 I have 2 Wurlitzer 950-TA organs that I do not have room for. They both work and are about 96% functional. The woodwork is also in very good condition. I am moving and they will have to be scrapped if they are not out of the house. Th
by Nancy Lindenberg, Published on 18:53, 29th May 2018
This is Paragon 3016 Serial No. 105540, originally purchased 1976 in Bremerton, Washington. It features a solid state design, with no vacuum tubes. My parents purchased it from a friend, about 1990. It has been stored indoors always. I have the original owner's manual, with registrations, chord
by don60, Published on 18:46, 26th May 2018
This instrument was installed in its current location in the south hills of Pittsburgh in 1960. It consists of 17 ranks of historic Estey pipework plus chimes, all playing from a Schantz console that features ivory naturals on the manuals. The organ is tuned, operational, and available to play and
by Janet Shroads, Published on 15:34, 24th May 2018
This beautiful organ is in excellent physical condition, all the keyboards and voices work fine. Known issues are: The “Swinging Rhythm” feature does not work and the Leslie speaker needs to be rebalanced, my dad had taped a quarter to it (which worked!), but it disappeared in the last move. A ser
by Joshorgan, Published on 09:31, 19th May 2018
Windsor chicago pump organ. Quite nice spound but not all keys work. Not sure what age or the serial number because i cant seem to locate it. Reasonable offers please.

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Windsor chicago pump organ

Windsor chicago pump organ

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Wurlitzer Model 4500, Italian Provincial Walnut model

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parts for Maas Cathedral Chimes


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Two-manual 17-rank 20-stop Estey pipe organ

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Gulbransen 'Paragon" electric organ

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