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421 viewsLarry's organ moving rig. Dodge Grand Caravans are great for this. Good mileage too, compared to a real truck. And used ones are plentiful and fairly cheap. I did need to give away all the rear seats on CL; who needs those ?
422 viewsEquipment that goes on most jobs. Dolly, 2"X10"X8' Ramp boards, and the carpeted organ platform.
419 viewsPlatform showing the front edge piece so the organ does not go too far forward. 2" PVC pipe rollers in van. 4'X8' sheet of thin plywood is always on the van floor to cover the carpeting and seat latches.
405 viewsBetter shot of how the rollers work. Once the organ is laying on the platform, you pick up the low end and roll the platform and organ right in.
715 viewsAll loaded up and ready to fetch an organ. Spare tire is out from under the van, because if you would need it once the organ is in there, there is no way to get to the crank access hole.
469 viewsSide door view of organ in van.
505 viewsRear view of organ in van.
488 viewsGetting ready to unload organ. Rollers out from under the platform for transport.
477 viewsRollers inserted under the platform, ready to roll right out.
508 viewsPlatform partway out, just a bit more and it will get to over center. Then you hold onto the straps to let it down easy.
522 viewsPartway out, showing the roller is just the right diameter. Other makes of van may need different size rollers.
570 viewsOrgan out of van, no problem.
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