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Rodgers 690151 viewsThe instrument as viewed at the church. We had to bust open the roll top as they lost the key(s). The damage is visible on the right hand edge of the roll top.Jun 30, 2018
127 viewsJun 19, 2018
Snipped Wires137 viewsThis shows the wires snipped out of the bundle and unsoldered from the terminal posts. Yikes!Jun 03, 2018
Previous MIDI Implementation142 viewsThis shot shows the connections made between the manual terminals and the MIDI implementation.Jun 03, 2018
Allen TC-4 sitting on 1-ton lift table in garage143 viewsThis is my newly acquired Allen in my garage. It's sitting on a one-ton lift table purchased from Harbor Freight. It took 3 people with a combined age of 207 years to get the Allen from the back of my truck to the top of the lift table. Henceforth I will stick with the U-haul trailers with the low lift-over height. Jun 02, 2018
Frazee Organs Page 3139 viewsMay 23, 2018
Frazee Organs Page 2144 viewsMay 23, 2018
Frazee Organs Page 1137 viewsMay 23, 2018
Devtronix Tremulant PCB133 viewsThis was probably an add-on to my particular organ. The out-of-the box version used mechanical in-cabinet tremulants, three of them, which my friend has not yet demo'd.May 14, 2018
Systems Drawings124 viewsThe layout and wiring of the entire organ, including tone cabinets; mostly drawingsMay 14, 2018
Analog Tone Generator Primer126 viewsTheory of operation, i.e. how the tone generators produce the sounds.May 14, 2018
Service Manual Cover Sheet (only)117 viewsMay 14, 2018
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