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13_JPG_fs.jpg253 viewsMore wires and trackers. (well actually its almost completely all non electric stuff - this is a strick 17th century design and well most of it is all manual except the wind (but can be pumped) And the optional combo action.Aug 04, 2010
12_JPG_fs.jpg286 viewsWires- wood- and trackers all tangled together. How do they do that?Aug 04, 2010
11_JPG_fs.jpg323 viewsLooking up the 32' trombone. Way way up there, is the top. The pipes go to the very top and then some of the case. Aug 04, 2010
10_JPG_fs.jpg339 viewsPINK!!!! Agh!!! I have no Idea why my organ teacher thought it would fit when he designed the organ!! The organ was very beautiful and he did a perfect job on it. But the pink, well I could do with out! Its so dark in there they look red though.  They are on both sides of the organ, back against the back wall in the dark, so invisible except the very top 3 tops from below. Aug 04, 2010
09_JPG_fs.jpg317 viewsFront of organ case (well some of it anyways) Look at the nice detailing in the case.Aug 04, 2010
08_JPG_fs.jpg312 viewsThe second wedge up, you see a bar running horizontal in front of it. This is the Handle  to hold on to for HAND (feet) PUMPING the organ! Gives the organ the blooming undulation effect! Great workout! But I would do it for free anyday. You can also see some of the wind tracts running around.Aug 04, 2010
07_JPG_fs.jpg354 viewsThe bellows of the beast. The grey box on the right of the picture on the wood is the starter. The blower is right out of sight on the right bottom. AND ITS HUGE!! Well that is 65 ranks to come up to so its gota be big. Is it just me or is it always really cold in the blower room??Note the led shot on the blowers. Who needs bricks. Just pick up a gun license and get some led shot! It works!Aug 04, 2010
06_JPG_fs.jpg289 viewsAnother view of the console stopsAug 04, 2010
05_JPG_fs.jpg320 viewsConsole of opus 14. Omaha The organ is 58 keys, and flat 30 note pedal board. Built to the size of I believe an Arp Schnitger The drawknobs= equaltemp the combo action moves the stops electricallyThe bars are an Italian style system - Quarter Comma Meantone- The combo action is completely disabled when they are engaged.   Picture being in the church. No power. All dark. And the organ breaths to light. Is it a ghost? No! Its just me playing the organ. And a friend pumping it for me!! It sure does sound beautiful that way. Especially with the meantone.  Buxtehude never sounded better. Aug 04, 2010
02_JPG_fs.jpg308 viewsMartin Pasi Opus 14. Omaha Nebraska at St Cecilias cathedralAug 04, 2010
002.JPG356 viewsTHIS is a massive organ for haveing a smaller stoplist! 800 Pound console! 160 pound pedals!Aug 04, 2010
01_JPG_fs.jpg253 viewsOmaha Nebraska
St Cecilias Cathedral 
Aug 04, 2010
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