I'm taking a trip down memory lane recalling the vinyl albums that contributed to my organ interest. This is day 6. Here are the others:
Jimmy Smith Plays Fats Waller
Jimmy Smith, Organist; Quentin Warren, Guitar; Donald Bailey, Drums
Hammond B-3
Blue Note ST-84110

Duke Ellington said, "There are two kinds of music. There's good music, and then there's the other kind." My tastes in music have always been, and remain, eclectic, so this quote resonates with me, as it did with my first organ teacher. I was schooled in classical, pop, and jazz traditions, but jazz organ wasn't really my thing, perhaps due to a lack of aptitude. Nevertheless, I managed to pick up a few jazz albums rummaging through the bins of Sam Goody's.


My teacher was of the opinion that the only organist who could make a pipe organ "swing" was Fats Waller. Although best known as a master of stride piano, Fats started out an organist in his father's Harlem church and was also a theatre organist before hitting the big time. He recorded several organ solos for Victor including Saint Louis Blues and his composition, Lennox Avenue Blues. Fats' successor in my teacher's eyes, was Jimmy Smith, whom he regarded as an incredible player and he encouraged me to check out his recordings. This album is Jimmy's tribute to Fats.