Over the years, the Organ Forum has employed several reputation systems. The purpose of these systems is to provide an indication of a user's participation in, and useful contributions to, the Forum, as well as the usefulness of a given post, based upon the feedback of other users. Originally, a user could contribute to another user's reputation through a rather obscure icon below each post. With this system, it was possible to either add to a user's reputation, if you liked the post, or subtract from it if you didn't. This system affected only a user's reputation and didn't provide a tally of likes for the post.

Because of the hidden nature of this option, many weren't aware of its presence or function. This and the lack of a tally for the posts, lead to the system being augmented with Like and Dislike buttons, along with a tally, for each post. A Like with this system increased a user's reputation, while a Dislike affected the tally for the post, but had no affect on a user's reputation.

With 2019 Forum software update , the Reputation icon and Dislike button were removed and replaced by a single Like button for each post. Another change affected the display of the reputation meter causing the meter to quickly max out, even for new users. Basically, people were getting a trophy for merely showing up.
In order to restore a semblance of usefulness to this display, I've made some changes to the various factors affecting user reputations. This has had the overall affect of rolling back the display for most users.

So, if you notice that your meter reading has suddenly dropped, don't worry. You've done nothing wrong, and you're not being punished. It's simply an effort to restore the usefulness of the display.