Well, here it is 2021 and we're already half way through January.

IMG_20200422_084129.jpgHere in Arizona, the vaccine roll-out has begun, and although the process is a little rough, it's apparently smooth compared to some other states I've read about.

The state and county opened up phase 1B to those 65 and older today. There was some confusion early on whether Maricopa County, where I reside, would be expanding 1B beyond the previous 75 and older age requirement because of a supply shortage, but apparently they worked that out.

The process of obtaining an appointment involved setting up an account on the Arizona Department of Health website, entering in some standard demographic information, such as age, address, occupation, health insurance info, and finding a time and place.

Although the website lists maybe half a dozen pharmacies state-wide where the vaccine is currently available, in reality, none of them had any supply. Instead, the state has set up two 24/7 vaccine pods in the Phoenix metro area. One of these at the State Fair Grounds and the other at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals football team.

After many failed attempts at securing an appointment earlier today, my wife and I were finally able to schedule an appointment the first week in February at 3:45 AM at State Farm Stadium, which about an hour drive from our home. Yes, that's 3:45 in the morning, but we're just happy to be in queue. Unfortunately, unlike those getting their shots at Salisbury Cathedral in the UK, they'll be no organ music AFAIK.🤷

I'll report back once I've been jabbed. Let us know your vaccine status in the comments below.

Here's hoping that the vaccine is coming soon to an arm near you. In the meantime, please mask-up and stay safe.