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    I've received a couple of inquiries over the past two weeks from members who've received emails from Identity Guard, and perhaps other internet identity protection services regarding their account on the Organ Forum. The email says that their account is on the Dark Web. Unfortunately, this information is misleading.

    One user inferred that this means that the Forum had just been hacked. while another assumed that the Organ Forum is part of the Dark Web. Neither inference is correct. Although the Forum has suffered data breaches in the past, the last one was over two years ago and the other over nine years ago. We posted information regarding these breeches on the Forum when they occurred.

    It looks like Identity Guard is appearing to be useful by notifying customers of information that was published over two years ago.

    If you have any concerns regarding Forum security practices and policies, please refer to my blog entry from 2020 below and comment there or send me a PM with your concerns and questions.
    Here's what happened, your risks, and remedies.
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