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Oh no,not `im again!?

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  • Oh no,not `im again!?

    Thanks,David and Michael,</p>

    Good to know that someone has noticed my input(or lack of it,due to absense!)</p>

    Something went drastically wrong with my `signing in` and despite several communications from admin,I could not gain access.</p>

    Anyway,it was finally resolved and her I am,back to add my `two penn`th` to the proceedings.</p>

    I`m off for a weeks holiday,but on my return(when I`ve recovered)I shall again be scouring these hallowed pages to see what input I can make,</p>

    Trust you are all OK?</p>

    I don`t play much,these days,as a very serious brain heamorrhage(now ten years ago,in July of this year)robbed me of many of the things which I previously was able to do without too much fuss-playing was one of them.</p>

    I have made quite a good physical recovery,but my co-ordination is `shot to pieces. `</p>

    I did,however(with great difficuly)manage to play a very complete three manual pipe organ at our local church,last Saturday,for my good friend`s wedding.</p>

    Fir me it was a marvellous feeling to hear the massed congregation and two choirs(one visiting).</p>

    As soon as they started singing,the Almighty(I presume)took over and my fingers and feet just seem to glide over keys and pedalboard.</p>

    Unbeknown to me,the service was recorded and the steward brought a CD around yesterday-I am quietly proud of my input into that lovely day.</p>

    If anyone would like to hear selected items(Love divine,to the tune Blaenwern was something else-on that last verse,the combination of the beautiful words and the music prompted me to `give it some wellie`)just contact me and I`ll email you.</p>

    All for now,</p>

    Kindest regards,</p>

    Alen Warrender(wombat 11)