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Intermediate Sheet Music

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  • Intermediate Sheet Music

    Hello Organ Forum. []

    It's been a while since I've had piano lessons- maybe approaching 5 years. Since then, I've bounced around with individual lessons, and a great deal of organ, and I've also done a lot of hacking through music that is way above my level. (Probably the only thing good out of that has been a better sight reading ability... []

    Lately I've been inspired by one of my pianist friends to try and start picking up lessons again. The last group of songs I played where kind of in the low intermediate/intermediate stage- I had just finished all the kind of childish songs, and moved onto the easier works of Bach and Chopin. Eventually I'm go to start up piano lessons again, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest some songs for me to get back into the feel of piano? (It's been a long year of studying and labs... uggg.)

    Thanks for any help []

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    Re: Intermediate Sheet Music

    'Low intermediate/intermediate' is still a bit too general. Please let us know the specific Bach & Chopin pieces you mentioned - which ones can you play well? Which ones would you say are challenging?


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      Re: Intermediate Sheet Music

      I was expecting that wouldn't be too useful! I spent the afternoon playing through the music I was last assigned when I took piano- good memories.

      Anyway, I've found I've gotten better than I expected... I was able to sight read proficiently through the first 20 or so Hanon exercises, I would've continued, but I felt like my arm was about to fall off! There was a Sonatina book that I forgot I was working on when I stopped. I was able to sight read and play through all of those (pieces like Beethoven's Sonatina in G). If I remember correctly, my teacher said that I was supposed to move onto regular sonatas after playing through the sonatinas I have now. As far as Bach goes, most of the pieces from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena I was able to sight read through and play well enough on the first time through. There were also a few preludes from the Little Clavier Book for W. F. Bach that seemed easy enough. (for example, the Prelude in C Major BWV 924a was a simple read through.) It's when I start getting into preludes that are filled with ornamentation that I start having problems. The Chopin pieces I didn't really get a good start into when I was taking piano lessons, but I did get through some of the Op 28 preludes (e minor, Db Major). There was a waltz in A minor, that was published posthumously, that went well too. Just as with the Bach, it's the ornamentations that really throw me for a loop! A melody is easy enough, but if there's a turn in there, I'll have trouble keeping everything in tempo.

      Hopefully that'll be enough information. []


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        Re: Intermediate Sheet Music

        Thanks for providing the additional info.</P>

        Are you becoming proficient at scales? I had to practice my scales every single day (major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, natural minor) in parallel and contrary motion. I also did scales in octaves... oh,and of course arpeggios too. It was all rather tedious, but I'm so thankful that I built that foundation as a student.</P>

        I never did anything like a "Sonatina Album" - I worked on simple Bach dancesand played lots of Czerny at first; the next step was Diabelli Sonatinas, then Kuhlau Sonatinas, then Beethoven Sonatas. The difficulty was very graded, and it kept me progressing without feeling overwhelmed. I learned nearly all of those Sonatinas before moving on to the Beethoven.</P>

        As you've found, some of the Chopin Preludes are not too difficult. Eventually you mightlook at the slower Waltzes.Mendelssohn and Schumann are two more composers with many works of varying difficulty. You might want togetsome Dover editions of complete works - there will be lots of material for you to choose.</P>

        It is good to hear you are progressing with sightreading - try to read something new each day. It is a very important skill, especially for achurch organist.</P>

        Hope this is helpful - keep us posted.</P>


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          Re: Intermediate Sheet Music

          Hopefully you won't cringe too much when you hear this, Soubasse, but scales have been something I've always neglected. I've never spent the time to actually get the fingering right, and I never spent the time to actually practice them either. (I've always felt a kind of pity for my family- I'd excuse my lack of practicing by saying that they probably got tired of hearing me play scales and finger strength exercises for an hour.) It's certainly something that deserves my focus; I can only hope that I can force myself to practice them!

          I've found the Diabelli and Kuhlau sonatinas online (Sheet Music Archive ad IMSLP respectively), and they seem to be a good match to my ability right now. Great call on those sonatinas! If I have any money, I'll run to the local music shop and see if I can't go about purchasing those scores.

          Anyway, you've given me a pretty good start back into this whole piano thing- I've got the sonatinas to work on for some actual musical content, and I've got plenty of Hanon and Czerny to keep me occupied for the technical side of piano playing. And of course, I always have those harder pieces and a hymnal for at least a little bit of daily sight reading. I can't thank you enough for the help []