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Pigeons of the world unite!

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  • Pigeons of the world unite!

    Wanna hear another pigeon story?(it`s true)

    Our local Chinese restaurant is three doors away from my home.

    The owner is a likeable fella,but he was keeping homing pigeons which insisted

    in congregating on my roof instead of returning to their roosting pen(pigeon


    At any one time there would be up to twenty pigeons on my roof

    (it looked quite forboding-something akin to an Alfred Hitcock film)not only

    making this terrible racket(I could somehow put up with it if they were singing

    `Chicago`,in unison,or,better still,in harmony-imagine a `bass`

    pigeon)but,obviously being patrons of the chinese restaurant themselves.were

    emptying the contents of their stomachs quite often up there!not only unsightly

    but corrosive.

    Anyway,I eventually complained about them and he promised to do something about


    A few days later,and the problem didn`t seem to have gone away.

    "I took them about 20 miles away and released then,hoping they would fly

    away,and they were home before me`,he said ruefully(silly old

    so and so-they were homing pigeons-that`s what they do naturally.)

    "Well,somethings got to be done,and soon",I demanded(I had just had a complete

    new roof on my house and it cost me a lot on money)

    A few days later,I went into his shop to collect a pre ordered meal, and

    couldn`t help but notice that the pigeons had disapeared at the same time he had

    a new addition to his menu-it makes you think doesn`t it?

    Naturally,I didn`t avail myself of `42a,with french fries and spicy sauce!!`

    Happy playing-enjoy life-music(and funny stories)is to be shared.


    wombat 11.</p>

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    Re: Pigeons of the world unite!