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Which professional major league baseball teams use organs?

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  • Which professional major league baseball teams use organs?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew any teams that still use professional, live organists at the major league parks, considering those are my favorite organists and that is what started my interest in organs. If it weren't for these ballgames, I may never have found out about Hammonds or heard of these wonderful musicians such as Jimmy Smith, Joey DeFrancesco, or Lenny Dee. SO I will start with the ones I do know have an organ, so try to complete my list if you know.</P>

    Yankees- They actually carried the Hammond Elegante over to the new Yankee stadium and I believe have two organists switch off</P>

    Red Sox- Yes, but it is used very sparingly </P>

    Devil Rays- I know they used to have one, but not sure if they still have him</P>

    Blue Jays- I can guaruntee that they don't have one</P>

    Orioles- I don't think they ever had one</P>

    Tigers- Haven't had one since Comerika Park was complete</P>

    White Sox- Nancy Faust is the organist for day games</P>

    Twins- They use it</P>

    Indians- I'm pretty sure they don't anymore, but not too certain if they replaced their old keyboardist after 2006</P>

    Royals- They use a keyboard and are currently searching for a replacement</P>

    Angels- They stopped using organ for some time now</P>

    Rangers- I don't think they've ever had one, but I could be wrong</P>

    Mariners- Same, I don't think they have one</P>

    As- I don't think they have any</P>

    Phillies- Never replaced Richardson after he died some years back</P>

    Marlins- I think they still have theirs, but not sure</P>

    Braves- I think they don't haveone anymore</P>

    Mets- They don't have one anymore</P>

    Nationals- I believe they use one</P>

    Cardinals- Yes, most common played song is Here comes the King on Yamaha A100</P>

    Cubs- Yes, the team that uses the organ most exclusively, even for batter walk up music</P>

    Astros- Not sure to be honest</P>

    Brewers- They have one</P>

    Reds- Not sure either</P>

    Pirates- Not sure if they replaced Lascheid after he died last year</P>

    Dodgers- They have one still</P>

    Rockies- Not sure</P>

    Diamond Backs- I think they have one, not sure on that though</P>

    Giants- I don't think they have one</P>

    Padres- Don't think they have one either</P>

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    Re: Which professional major league baseball teams use organs?

    At least as late as last year, the Texas Rangers had a Hammond A-100 in their stadium.</P></P>



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      Re: Which professional major league baseball teams use organs?

      Milwaukee Brewers!</P>

      When they built Miller Park a few years ago, they put in an organ, just when other parks were taking them out!</P>;image=2</P> (Terrible sound in this one, but you get to see the organ and the park.)</P>


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        Re: Which professional major league baseball teams use organs?

        Yeah I found these other videos of stadium organists. And since you're from Texas, I'm sure you would know the Rangers have an organ so I guess they can go on the list. </P>
        <P mce_keep="true"></P>

        Nancy Faust- White Sox Organist</P>

        Gary Pressy- Cubs organist at convention</P>

        Sue Nelson- Twins organist interview</P>

        Ed Alstrom- Yankee organist</P>

        Jeremy Boyer- Cardinals back up organist, also organist for AAA team Memphis Redbirds</P>

        Nancy Bea- Dodgers organist</P>

        Sam Backett- Royals former keyboardist</P>


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          Reds' Organist

          The Reds! I already knew that they had an organ but I heard it at a game (6-3-13) last night. The old Willis organ was brought over from Riverfront Stadium to the Great American Ballpark, and they have several other keyboards. For me, these organists may not have talent to play at Saint-Sulpice, but it just isn't the American Baseball experience for me without the organist!

          Links follow: organist's twitter, an article about him (John Schutte), and Willis website's page on the Reds' organ.


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            Picture of organist at work at the Rangers Ballpark:



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              What kind of organ does he or she play?


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                Originally posted by Jackie13 View Post
                What kind of organ does he or she play?
                You've revived an old thread - let's see if anyone can update us on the state of the ballpark organs.

                The lady enjoying her time at the organ in the photo is playing a Technics FN-3. A great organ in its day. As for other organs, I'll have to let my Stateside friends tell you, but I've seen plenty of Hammonds in photos, including the X66 (I'll wager that Hammond struck a few deals with the teams for joint publicity), and as the Hammonds disappeared off the scene, we saw makes like Yamaha and Technics being used.

                Over to you on the other side of the pond in a few hours time.....
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                  It looks like the Rangers no longer have an organist:

                  We had an organist at Arlington Stadium, in fact it was Keith Grant, scout and executive with the Mavericks. When his job with the Mavericks took up more time, he had to quit. We went without and organist from about 1987 to 1994. When the current ballpark was being built, before any seats were installed, I went and sat in the ballpark one day and decided that day, that the place needed a live organ. So from 1994 to 2004 we had a live organist.
                  I would like to bring it back. Put it outside on the concourse, let people see the organist. The problem, is finding a person that knows when to play, what to play and can be at the most of the 81 games...I'm not sure that person is out there in this day an age. Right now, we use recorded clips, from a gentlemen in Fort Worth, when we need an organ sound, he goes into the studio and records something for us. We still have the organ from 1994, just finding a person to play it at all 81 games.


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                    Pirates use something that sounds like a harpsichord crossed with an organ. Kind of annoying.


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                      Maybe ATOS could find someone for the Rangers?