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    When I lived on Cape Cod I was a classical music DJ who played a lot of organ and choral music. The person on Sirius should know that most any producer/mfr. of CDs will gladly supply new releases to radio stations, etc. He simply requests new releases on the letterhead paper of the station/company. Probably one of the best sources of organ/choral music is Organ Historical Society. They will supply him with multiple disc albums of music from different areas of the U.S. that were recorded during OHS conventions. The Naxos label also has many organ recordings with a heavy concentration on Bach, although many other composers are well represented. Last, but certainly not least, the Musical Heritage Society will usually supply stations with CDs providing they are credited on the air when music is played from their discs. Hope this helps, Ed.

    Edward Duff
    Trinity Lutheran Church
    Kissimmee, FL 34741