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Fun Find at Church

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  • Fun Find at Church

    My first post! Interesting organ/disaster story for you.</p>

    A fellow organist turned on the organ this morning at church, and it never turned on. They called me (head organist) and I came to the church to see what was the matter. The lights would come on, but no blowers, no pressure, anddefinitelyno wind in the pipes. Naturally, I was concerned. So I checked the breakers for the organ, no problem. I check the fuses, all fine. I'm checking the cabling from the console to the organ, all fine. My mind is boggled, and the church doesn't like to pay for repairmen when they can get away with it.</p>

    Finally, I drop down into the organ blower room, and halfway down the ladder I noticed that there was about four feet of water flooding the room. Most of the cabling and the entire blower are under water and shorted out. More importantly, I noticed that the water was still pouring in there. The electrical panels (the blower room also is the primary electrical rooms) were only about three to four inches above the water level. Holy cow. So very quickly, we shut off electrical to the building and started, shut off water. The water was still pouring in, it turned out to be a burst water main from the city and soaked all the ground by the church that leaked into the room.</p>

    Thank heavens that someone played the organ this morning, otherwise they never would have noticed it until it had reached the panels and destroyed the electrical, and quite potentially caused a fire. Then our lovely little 17 rank organ would have been destroyed with some of the church.</p>

    The bright side of all this, I've been seeking to get some repairs on the organ for a few years, and they won't pay to have a repairman come down to look at it (we're in a boonies town with no repair shop), but now they have to! So my list of fixes is ready for them!</p>

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    Sounds biblical. Another flood was brought to right some wrongs.
    Larry K

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