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  • Recording equipment

    What kind of microphone is the "standard" for theatre organ recording? I have noticed that the tremulants sure make the recording monitor woofers go crazy. Also, what do you prefer, analog reel tape or DAT?
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    Re: Recording equipment

    You will get as many answers as there are recording engineers--or more!

    I would say typically a stereo pair of condenser mics will do you a good job.

    Not many people will use analog over digital nowadays. Some of the most expensive projects still use analog, but only at specific points in the process. And we are talking pop music now and not organ so. . . . I would go digital.

    DAT is one option as are portable hard disk recorders and MiniDisc.
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      Re: Recording equipment

      I'll go with two condenser mikes or one 'single point' stereo condenser, but I'd like to add two rear-facing mikes for a little ambience, especially if your main mikes are close to the chambers. That means a small mixer, of course. My little Mackie 1202 has never let me down yet.

      As for digital/analogue, go digital. Avoid Minidisk if you can, as the data gets compressed, but I've used it a lot - even for the BBC - and no one has complained yet! Hard disk recorders are probably the best route, you may even be able to mix four mikes without an external mixer. Once recorded, use something like Wavelab on a PC or Mac to do any processing you need. Don't be afraid to warm up a digital recording using one of the plug in effects designed for the purpose.

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