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Professional Electronic Organs for Churches

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    Yes, because your passive-aggressive indirect statements about things you don't like about Classic in conversing with him in this thread and at least one other (about their amplifiers) are the proper, professional, adult way to do it. Great job! Thanks for schooling me.

    You certainly seem so obviously very concerned about protecting Arie's former professional identity with statements like this one, directly quoted below:

    But when it comes down to organs misbehaving, even new hardwired organs from reputable manufacturers like Classic Organ of Markham, Ontario can offer a few nasties. Not sure if you are familiar with Classic Organ, Arie, but a while back,
    Like no one can read between the lines about what you are going for there. So get all high-handed me on how much you are bothered, and don't backseat moderate me either. If the mods on this board have an issue with anything I have written, they can certainly take it up with me directly, and I will be happy to listen. As could Arie. So far neither has.

    In at least one other trade-related forum I am part of, members are REQUIRED to disclose their professional affiliations in the interests of full disclosure and to reveal biases. I like that.

    Whatever disagreements might exist between me and Arie, are really none of your business. I have the greatest of respect for Arie, and his continuing contributions of the organ world.
    You posted your disagreement on the internet (which is not called the "world wide web" for nothing), on a public forum. I'm sorry, but at that point, it's anyone's business. Also, if this is how you respect people, I'd sure hate to see what it looks like when you don't!
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        Hi y'all

        I didn't realize I was "outed" here. Any information disclosed about me here has already been disclosed.

        Because of my fame, extensive fan club, and the millions I have made in the organ business, I thought it prudent to be public and transparent about it. No need to hide behind a cloak of anonymity for me.

        My name is indeed Arie V, and I did work for Classic Organs for 25 years. And if you really need to know, I even swept the floor and cleaned toilets there. But then you all really don't need to know that do you?

        Now if Mr. Anon Y Mous would do the same.



          Originally posted by michaelhoddy View Post
          Yes, because your passive-aggressive indirect statements about things you don't like about Classic in conversing with him in this thread and at least one other (about their amplifiers) are the proper, professional, adult way to do it. Great job! Thanks for schooling me.
          'Suppose this kind of thing happens every year at the end of the summer, with elementary school teachers trying to practice the buzz words like "passive-aggressive", they learned on their six week summer pop psychology course; ignoring the fact that a doctorate in psychology is a heavy duty concentrated ten year stint!!

          It doesn't seem to matter a wit to you, that you hijacked the entire thread in an effort to preen your own feathers stemming from an apparent aberrant personal need to get your rocks off with this sort of nonsense!!
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            Wow, just wow.


              A teacher was trying to make use of her summer psychology courses. She started her class by saying,

              'Everyone who thinks they're stupid, stand up!'

              After a few seconds , Little Johnny stood up..

              The teacher said, Do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?'

              'No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!'
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                Classic Digital Organs, connected with Hauptwerk, is based in Ontario. The sound is amazing. All you need do is check out Hauptwerk on Youtube and you'll hear it. No need to spend the kind of money you're talking about. Definitely check out Hauptwerk before you buy an expensive digital organ and pay double/triple or more!


                  Actually, it's "Classic Organ Works" in Ontario.


                    What about a 2nd hand pipe organ. For the amount of money, you could get a pretty good pipe organ. An electronic will always be an imitation of the real thing. Rob S. is an excellent player and his Hauptwerk set up sounds pretty good, but it still lacks a little in the reed sound. I have found that the more complex sounds such as reeds and theatre organ sounds are more difficulat to simulate electronically. The typical somewhat smooth classical organ sounds can come out prett a plug and play pipe organ or a plug and play electronic should be used, the quircks of a PC based system are probably not desireable.

                    Allany good until a large ensemble is used.

                    For a church, either


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                      In fact, I just found out yesterday about a pipe organ in Ohio a church is trying to "get rid of." The former church was down to 5 people, and they sold to a new "contemporary" church, but they have no use for the pipe organ. They wanted to know if I wanted it.

                      Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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                        Well,I feel very humbled reading these reports about classical organs.
                        I play in a small church and we have recently been donated a later model Yamaha organ and,coupled to a rather large rotary speaker-it sounds absolutely wonderful!
                        Good luck in the search-I hope the OP got/gets what is required.
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                          Originally posted by arie v View Post

                          Best sounding electronic organ? Depends on what your point of reference is. In the price range you mention, if pipe organ sound is what you are after, most likely a digital organ based on the MIDI driven PC based Hauptwerk program. It is not entirely conventional at this point, but is growing by leaps and bounds, in terms of users. It is also constantly being improved and updated, and also sample sets are constantly being added. I believe there are somewhere around 80 to 100 sample sets out now. The advantage of this system is that it is not based on proprietary hardware, and so supporting it, changing it, etc. should be good for the long term. There are a number of companies now selling hardware, consoles, etc. for this system. In fact I believe if manufacturers of digital don't get on board with Hauptwerk or some other similar system, they will be out of business within the next 5 years, most likely sooner.

                          One thing that you must also be aware of, is the audio system. Manufacturers are heading in the right direction here, but for too long, most models sold, did not have enough discrete audio channels. For $100,000 it is better to get a minimum of 16 audio channels, than to get an extra keyboard or a pile of extra stops. Unfortunately, most churches prefer a big console with lots of goodies than fine organ sound. One other thing, if you want good sound, do not pump the organ through the church's sound system. Guaranteed to be disappointing. I heard of a case a couple of years ago, where a 3 manual Rodgers was placed in a church - with no external speakers at all, it was pumped through the church's sound system in MONO. Sounds plain awful so I am told.

                          Lastly, doesn't matter what potential the organ has, if it doesn't get properly installed and voiced, it will never sound good.

                          So, what is my advice, - don't believe what you read on web-sites, brochures, etc. Go see some actual organs, do some serious investigation about what actually makes an organ good, etc.

                          AV from TO

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