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Which Audio Recorder to Buy?

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    Originally posted by Havoc View Post
    Not only that, but what we have of Bach was what he found good enough to write down. Most of it was just off-the-cuff improvisation. But you have to put it into its timeframe as well. He didn't have to read the forums, update his facebook, twitter about his last hymn, worry about the war in Afghanistan, the pirates in Somalia, the oil price, his mortgage etc.
    Well a very strong argument could be made that we don't HAVE to do any of that stuff either, except many of us live in a democracy so it is our privilege and a bit of a civic duty to do so. Except perhaps for updating Facebook. I might add that Bach did have to go to some trouble to hear another musician and would do so when he had the opportunity, which was not as often as he would have liked. How he had time to have 7(?) kids and two (serially) wives one must always wonder.


      Have to throw in my two cents:

      Consider a small USB mixer and a couple decent mics. The "all in one" recorders have some serious limitations (minimal editing, requires transfer to computer, minimal EQ and FX, poor preamps, etc). Your macbook should work fine with something like this, runs about $80-90:


      A Shure Sm57, or two if you want stereo, is a high quality, nearly indestructible mic that usually runs under $100. Every studio has at least a couple SM57's. These are close-mics, which is great for micing speakers, sound holes, etc.

      If you are recording a pipe organ and need more of a "room" sound, I suggest a condenser mic (or a stereo pair), as a SM57s make poor room mics.

      Your macbook should have Garageband already installed, and that's all you'll need.

      Good luck!
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      Tonewheels, frequency modulation, analog and digital circuits, tubes, strings, reeds, and tines. Too many keyboards.


        I have the Edirol r-09hr. It's great for recording the organ, although the bass suffers a little at times (but nothing that can't be remedied with Audacity). I also use it for podcasts


          Check out Tascam products. They are made by Teac who has been world renowned in studio recording. I have had excellent results recording Hammond with my old Tascam Portastudio. Eight tracks and the ability to record line in direct or with a mic. I can burn a finished CD on the same machine.