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    Which organ....

    I would like to know is the Viscount Jubilate organ is a good organ.... We in India cant afford a better one.To import one costs twice the price of one in Europe.How are the sounds... the volume and pedal board/Is there any cheaper model/ brand than Viscount.../ Also which is better a pedal board straight, radiating. straight concave or concave radiating?Also is a midi pedal board available with 32 pedals... to conect to a keyboard or module?Also any place where you get second hand organs or people just giving them away??

    Re: Which organ....

    pedal board is your own choice, especially in India.. while in America I would recommend a AGO pedelboard, I think it would be to your own preference and what you are used to playing.

    As to second hand organs: several sources in the United States: do a keyword search for ORGAN

    Getting a organ shipped to India would be a challange but very possible...just have lots of patience.

    other places selling organs (in the States):


    and for pipe organs: