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New shoe's for da organ player

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    Originally posted by DellAnderson View Post
    Not being blessed by as much height as you, I will try to refrain from advice except to ask if you have tried placing the bench on blocks. Why? Your toes aren't the problem, it's the heels, right? So lifting the bench might allow your knees to slope down enough to clear the bench...Ah, never mind, probably a bad idea now that I think of it.
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      Originally posted by castaway View Post
      AGO specifications:


      Note on the schematic that the measurement from the Great manual (middle) to the Pedals is 29 1/2 inches. The Choir manual is situated below that. If measured from the lowest manual, the distance would be approximately 2 1/2 less.
      The Wicks diagram is WRONG. And so is the above information.

      The actual AGO spec says "Pedal to Manual. Vertical. 29 1/2" between playing surface of natural keys of the LOWEST manual and middle natural key of pedal."

      The diagram in the AGO spec is consistent with the above text whereas the Wicks diagram incorrectly shows the distance to the middle manual.

      "Bench. Normal height above middle E of pedal clavier, 20 1/2/", adjustable up or down from this height by a much as 2" in either direction by means of an Acme thread screw and ball crank".

      THe AGO spec is available for purchase from AGO HQ, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1260, New York NY 10115, Tel 212 870 2310. or online at www.agohq.org. I think it is about $US 5.
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        This advice was the antidote to my having long legs. Before without the elevation, my legs were just guessing 80* degree's or less to the pedalboard which made playing them difficult and now with these Organmaster shoe's even more so. Raising myself up actually makes playing the pedalboard easier to do and now that I am wearing Organmaster shoe's, my accuracy has much improved just by rotating my feet forward. With continued playing with these shoe's on my precision upon the pedals will happen without thinking about it. Therefore the claim is true, these type of shoe's do make it easier to improve playing of the AGO pedalboards.

        I still need to modify the expression pedals as my new shoe's continue to slide downwards as I play. Each individual expression pedal has a rubber texture and do not slide however when controlling two expression pedals at once, the metal rise between the two pedals offers no resistance and the foot slides downward and without repositioning will fall off to the bass pedals below.

        Had it not been for this website, I would not have learned about Organmaster Shoe's and this I am happy for as my playing has already improved. Maybe someday in the near future I will give a go at a professional theatre pipe organ because I've made my mind up, this is something I enjoy and want to learn what I can so maybe one day I too can play for others. It could happen.

        The 2' X 4' is a temporary solution which works but I intend to purchase an adjustable theatre console organ bench which an organist will be able to raise or lower to their needs.
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