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    I, as Church organist, have provided the music at the little church of St Christopher’s, in Jaywick(Essex UK), for the bigger part of 30 years and in that time have become extremely friendly with the congregation- we are only a small in numbers, but like a close knit family.
    One group(a mother, son and father) are consistently late, but rather than suggest that they get up half and hour earlier and arrive on time, we have become to accept this as part of the ritual of Sunday morning worship.
    I was sitting at the organ, as usual, this Sunday when this family appeared-the father is very elderly and needs two sticks to keep him mobile.
    Anyway they arrived and eventually he got seated.
    As the service came to it’s conclusion and the priest bid us all to offer a hand of friendship and a Happy New Year to one another, a lady approached me and asked that I discretely tell a gentleman (whose Christian name she gave me) that his `tackle` was hanging out as he had forgotten, in his haste, to do his trouser flies up!
    So, when the fella approached me and put out his hand in friendship, before he could utter a word, I told him that his flies were undone and the ensuing picture was a bit obscene!
    He recoiled and indignantly said they were not-so I wished him Happy New Year and he moved on.
    As I was exiting the church, after refreshments and a chat, the lady stopped me and asked if I had told him-I said I had and that he denied it.
    Well, all day I thought about this incident and then it came to me-there are TWO fellas with the same Christian name-`Oh no, I told the wrong one!!`
    The unfortunate `culprit`(because of his laboured mobility) does not come over personally to shake my hand and offer the `peace`-we just wave to each other from afar-I do not move from my post as the final hymn immediately follows this event-
    so I had not noticed his open flies!!
    I hastily sent an email to my friend to apologise and he sent me one by return which just said, ”Who was it that accused me!!?”
    I today telephoned the lady, who was in fits of laughter when I told her and she promised to ring and apologise, then I rang our female server to tell her of the events-she too was in fits of laughter, ”you should have seen my face when he came to the alter rail with it all hanging out!”, she exclaimed.
    Well, proof again (if any is needed) that I am fast getting into my dotage!
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    My wife wishes she'd been there so she could get a good laugh out of it!
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      Originally posted by myorgan View Post

      My wife wishes she'd been there so she could get a good laugh out of it!
      It really is very funny, looking back-I am now wondering what our parish priest thought of the incident as he was taking the service and must have noticed, even though he made no comment!!