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Torrence, Carpenter, the VPO and other things

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    Torrence, Carpenter, the VPO and other things

    Reading about the apparent passing of Richard Torrence, I did a search on Google and came across this article.
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    I saw that article too and agree that Torrence's comments were strictly serving, trying to justify a lousy performance by Carpenter by blaming it on the organ.

    Schlicker built neo-baroque instruments so I can understand why such an instrument might not be a good fit for Carpenter's interpretivie style; however the Schlicker I played as an organ student was a wonderful and warm sounding instrument.

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      “That Bach can withstand Carpenter is proof—as if any were needed—of just how good that music is.”
      Says it all doesn't it? When how you dress becomes more important it's time to move along.

      Oh yes, and he doesn’t care about the organ; only himself and the music. The organ is only an instrument, and it needs to do its job well. Cameron was prevented from making music, and as an artist he knew that he looked bad–and he was shocked at how badly he played.”
      So he doesn't care about the intrument he plays on and it was the organ that prevented him from making music? Rather clear he doesn't understand what an organ is about then. If you care about the music you adapt the music to the instrument at hand. But then you have to know about instruments, music and the history of both. Maybe he should take up the left-handed sewer flute?