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Gas Valve Safety (at church and at home)

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    Gas Valve Safety (at church and at home)

    Please give me your input about gas furnace safety.
    Yesterday at church, when the heating system shut down, one of the two large gas burners kept running apparently due to the solenoid valve being stuck open (due to a mechanical, rather than an electrical control problem).
    We had to turn the blower back on to prevent superheating until we could shut off the gas with the manual control valve. Needless to say, this was somewhat frightening.
    Is this rare for a solenoid to stick open like this?
    Does this even happen in a residential system? If so, it could obviously burn the house down.
    Thank you!

    Yes it is rare. I just got off an eight year stint as a maintenance man in a potato chip/tortilla chip factory. This never happened. The Honeywell controllers have input from the blower contactor, which shut the gas off if the blower goes off. The gas valves have 120 VAC on, spring return off. I have a Honeywell controller on the obsolete furnace in my basement. No problems. Buy Honeywell non-electronic controllers (for home) and Asco brand gas valves. Lots of energy efficient furnaces now have private label solid state controllers that go up in smoke in the first lightning strike. Usually >$200 to replace them, and no repair parts available. Potted, no fooling around yourself.
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