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Don't Laugh, I'm just bored

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  • Don't Laugh, I'm just bored

    I am going to try to make a calliope/pipe organ using a Magnus reed organ and "epiphany" pipes.

    Television has nothing worth watching on, and I work odd hours at the Theatre, so I have quite a bit of free time. Out of sheer boredom one day, I looked over at my $5 magnus reed organ, and decided to take it apart. Well, I think I found a way to hook two octaves of epiphany pipes to it. I do not expect anything great to come of it, but I think it will sound better that the "accordion" that it is.
    The best part is that it will only cost me about $5 to do it.

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    Re: Don't Laugh, I'm just bored

    Go for it!


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      Re: Don't Laugh, I'm just bored

      Hmmm, this gives me an idea as I have a huge collection of reed chord organs. I have one Magnus but I find the quality of the Magnus is not the best... some of my favorites are:

      RCA Victor (built by Farfisa I believe) - I have 3 of these and some have different reeds built into them

      Orcoa Concert Symphony - fine sounding reeds! Nice instrument.

      Briscoe Harmony - sounds just like an accordion - has 4 banks of reeds and each can be selected alone or all mixed together - has all 12 chords in bass, major, minor, diminished - lots of fun but some of the higher notes have gone a bit sour (out of tune!)

      Orcana - nice!

      Magnavox - has two pickups and amplifies the sound from the reeds with adjustable vibrato - great! (Made in USA, unlike all the others which are made in Italy, I believe)...

      With all the high tech organs coming out now, it's kind of nice to go back in time and enjoy the sound of an old chord organ.


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        Re: Don't Laugh, I'm just bored

        A Magnus pipe organ, wow! Gotta see this when it's done.

        I can remember playing these little things in my local Woolworths store. A lot of us taking piano lessons in our town would go in on a Saturday -one at a time - and play them till we each got thrown out by the manager!

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