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  • Shipping Organs

    OK So you bought the organ of your dreams from Denver, Colorado and you're in
    Baltimore, Maryland. Now what!? It's pretty wild and wooly, hit and miss so far for me.
    I have shipped and received with varying degrees of expense and success. The only constant is my wife saying "Do those drawbars suck the brains out of your head?"
    I am currently surfing for a way to get my most recent marriage killer home. Just a
    Kawai SR7? console, pedals, and bench. More to come

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    Re: Shipping Organs

    my 2 cents:

    after dealing with a few long distance moves I no longer am interested in any organ that I can't pick up myself in a day's drive there & back.

    it is very possible to get it moved using long distance movers, but be prepared to be lied to on pickup & delivery dates (both moving companies I've used promised the moon in being able to pick up the organ....they both used the classic line: "we have a truck in the area and can pick it up in a few days"...in both cases the pickup date was 30 days from then...., and on delivery date...more delays....I was not in a hurry but it really annoyed the person I was purchasing the organ from) ..my own experience is that it would take you 2 months to get it moved irregardless of when they say they can pick it up, and cost at least 1k...with the fuel prices now I'd expect to be charged even more.

    my sincere advice: wait for something local...unless you yearn to see the mountains of colorado with your wife?...and can convince her to bring home a "souvineer".



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      Re: Shipping Organs

      I am right in the middle of getting an organ I bought on ebay here from FL. So far so good
      I'll have a full report in a few days. I have used this company before (americanfreight.com)
      and been very pleased. As advertised, when and where they said they would be and all that.
      I should have a Kawai SR-7 here some time next week! I'm reeeeeeeal excited to play it. I fell in love with one when they were new and couldn't afford it. More to come.
      10/9/05 I have been able to track this thing like a UPS shipmentwith a tracking #. It will be here tomorrow!!!!