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Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Strike Adjustment

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  • Mirabilis
    Contact your local clock repair place. If they cannot assist, then dump this clock and get a Seiko - pendulum swinging -
    Whittington/Westminster chime clock. No winding - no chance of over-winding or breaking the mechanism and there
    is a "D" battery that runs it. You won't regret it -- I had several of the wind-up clocks (Seth Thomas and other makes)
    and I don't miss any of them. Seiko makes fabulous products. I have a wrist-watch with their name and 17 jewels that
    I bought in 1976 -- yes, 1976 -- and it has NEVER been serviced. It runs perfectly. Don't mess around with nostalgia
    and wind-up clocks which once were the thing -- there have been improvements and a winding mechanism can always
    get broken and sometimes the so-called repair people cannot repair it.

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  • Menschenstimme
    started a topic Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Strike Adjustment

    Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Strike Adjustment

    I need help adjusting the strike of an electric Seth Thomas mantel clock from the 1930s. It is in excellent working order, but since the daylight time change, the hour strikes once less than the actual time and the half-hour strikes at 25 minutes past the hour rather than 30 minutes past. What is even stranger is that the striking movement sounds like it is trying to strike the final hour, but then hesitates at the last moment and does not strike it. I tried the YouTube video link below; but it did not help with my particular problem. Many thanks!