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just plain funny youtube videos (organ related)

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  • just plain funny youtube videos (organ related)

    Is it actually possible we haven't had such a thread yet? I know I've posted some funny videos in other threads, like Claudia Hirshfeld playing a Wersi in a London park, much to the delight of some passing hipsters. Can't find that one, but if you don't know who Claudia is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn45cRMONzA
    OK, here are the ground rules, such as they were.

    Funny can mean a lot of things: it could mean funny in a disparaging sense, it could mean merely dated in a way that now seems amusing or unexpected, and it could be a really humorous interpretation of some well known organ work.
    Has to be an organ, not any kind of keyboard w/o pedals.
    Bad playing is only funny if someone is there to "enjoy" it. Thus, someone playing a home organ alone doesn't count.
    (the last 2 rules disqualify that transvestite in the UK who's been posted a few times, and who is really playing a digital piano/keyboard, which didn't have pedals, alone at home)
    Since I've already mentioned Claudia, she's disqualified, at least for a while.
    Some of Diane Bish's outfits from the 1900s seem "dated in a way that now seems amusing or unexpected", but she still wears them! So those don't count!

    Here are my two starters for the first course:
    and a little more subtle:
    the early 90s already feels like a lifetime ago! Also, it harkens back to a halcyon time when classical organ dealers could afford to keep so many models in stock LOL.

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    LOL... that first one is priceless. So bad I thought it was fake....too funny

    ...here's a similar one.... not nearly as funny, but still a bit cringeworthy
    I've got a fever..... and the only prescription is...... more Hammond organs


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      Talk about cringeworthy...
      Rick B.

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        Yikes!! Like stated in the youtube comments it does sound like a transposer issue or as one stated "misfire" LOL
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