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Help finding a Yamaha Electone key part

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  • Help finding a Yamaha Electone key part

    Hello everyone,

    I came across an old Yamaha Electone B-55N which is missing a G key in the lower keyboard. I live in Peru and we don't have many specialized places for this, so my first option was e-bay, but no luck with that yet. I tried googling and I still haven't found what I'm looking for (Bono dixit).

    Any clues?

    Thanks for your time.

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    I have a bucket of keys from a B20CR and assume they are the same. You can have one for the postage.
    Edit, I saw your one was from 82, so this other one might fit instead? Click image for larger version

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      Looks like it might just be what I need. How could we do the transaction? Would you put it on sale on e-bay or something like that?


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        Which one is the right one? I can just check the postage cost and you can pay me by paypal if you have an account? Ill send you a message once Ive checked postage to Peru, shouldnt be much.


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          Just to make 110% sure (I'm too lazy to open it myself w/o a certified technician) I'd buy both. I do have a PayPal account. Thanks a bunch


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            Hi David,
            would you happen to have a top C for a 1990 Roland keyboard? Or could you advise of an equivalent key that would do the job?
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              Parts for both Roland and Yamaha keyboards can usually be ordered directly on line.
              This includes some of the older Korg digital pianos which were just rebadged Yamahas.

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                I dont have any, havent mangled anything Roland yet!
                Although I fixed up the TR77 to perfect condition, it didnt even have a scratch!
                Had just been on an organ being dusted every weekend for 40 years.
                Theyve got pics of roland keys here: http://www.syntaur.com/roland_juno.html
                But I suppose you know what they look like ...
                In other news a German lady sends me her DM board for her D65 tomorrow, so Ill soon have some questions for you again