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Umpire Throws Out Organist At Baseball Game

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  • Umpire Throws Out Organist At Baseball Game

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet but as a baseball fan, I wish I could have been this organ player...... and thought of this. this is too funny!


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    I thought I saw a post about this on the forum but couldn't find it and I heard this mentioned on NPR today too. I looked it up and found the video of the recent incident, but I also discovered that back in 1985 there was a guy named Wilbur Snapp (since passed away) got thrown out for doing the same thing. History repeating itself...
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      I used to be an umpire. Not present in the amateur rules, but in the professional book there is a paragraph about ejecting the organist. The sample given is if the organist plays, "Three Blind Mice".
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