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Computer - Sudden Shutdown

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  • Computer - Sudden Shutdown

    We have had hot weather and I keep the house cool; but the computer room can get up to 78 sometimes.

    Recently, my Dell tower computer has been suddenly shutting down just as though someone pulled the plug. This happens in less than a second. The power button will then flash an amber color and will allow me to restart the computer immediately and all will be normal for a few days and then it may do this again. It has done it about three times during August.

    We had a similar problem with the pipe organ at church with the computerized system that controls the console. At first we thought that it was the solid-state switching power supply; but now we think that it was a slightly loose circuit board that they call the Micro Board. This would happen during a Mass and then the organ would bounce right back to normal within several seconds.

    I have Norton 360 and run a scan every night when I shut down. My fear is that this strange behavior may be the hard drive aging or the power supply getting tired. Or perhaps it is a glitch in one of the website that I visit regularly. Unfortunately, I have not yet paid attention to whether or not this happens relative to a particular website or activity. I am hoping that it is only due to the warm weather and will count my blessings if that is all that it is.

    As Captian Kirk would say: "Comment, Mr. Spock?"

    Many thanks!!

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    Interesting problem.

    I think either the power supply is on it's way out or that the processor is overheating forcing the system to power off.

    Have you opened the case to clean some of the dust out? Try this: aim a table top fan at your PC over the next few days as you use it. If it cures it then you have a temperature related issue. In the mean time back up all your files!!!

    You might also want to download this program to help you monitor PC temperatures and voltages:

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      Processors will usually just drop to a much slower speed to cool down if they overheat, rather than switching off. That cpuid app actually gave me a few odd readings on my system - one of the temperatures was apparently around 2000 degrees! There are a few other apps that do a similar thing if that one doesn't work right.

      For a sudden shutdown, I think I'd suspect the power supply, so do check the voltages etc and if it's bad, then change it before it lets go and fries something on the motherboard. And a good clean, done carefully, will always help.

      One other thought, if it is CPU related - and a high core temperature reading will confirm this - check that the heatsink's clipped on properly and that the cooling fan is running - not clogged up. Also check whether or not there should be thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink. If so, consider renewing the paste. Even in hot weather, my startup core temps are around 38 degrees C, rising maybe as far as the mid 50's when warmed up and under heavy load. That's due to good cooling being installed when I built it. Big heatsink, big fan.
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        If you haven't opened that CPU up lately you would be surprised as to how much dust actually gets in there and jams everything ventable up!. My wife has a homebased business that has 4 workstations, and a server and I was elected as IT guy. While I kept the dust off the "outside" of the tower it still got into every nook and cranny inside! That said, take it outside and and remove the cover housing and use mild compressed air. You'll see what I mean. NO Vacuum!! One of our work stations was doing a very similar shut down as yours and I just was proactive and changed out the power supply....$22 It hasn't shut down since
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          Good news - thus far:

          Thanks, guys!

          I removed the computer from the desk. While I was unable to open the case with those two obvious catches that one supposedly depresses - I was able to blow a significant amount of dust out of the CPU from both ends through its vents. It actually sounds like it is running quieter.


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            I have a new issue after having my computer professionally tuned up. I have complete confidence in the gentleman who did the work and was with him the entire time. The new problem is that now when I sign off for the night and then restart the computer in the morning, my "sign ins" are not being saved on the Organ Forum, my email, and a few other places. We did not touch the IE8 settings and cannot understand why this is happening. We did uninstall Norton 360 and install Malwarebytes in its place. But the technician says that he does this all the time and it has not disrupted anyone's cookies or anything else of that nature that allow us to say "remember me on this computer."

            I welcome all comments.

            Many thanks!!


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              You might want to check here in IE8: Go to Tools >>> Internet Options >>> Content >>> AutoComplete.
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                The following boxes are checked under "Use AutoComplete for"

                X Browsing History
                X Favorites
                X Use Windows Search for Better Results

                "Feeds" is NOT checked

                "Forms" is NOT checked - but "user names and passwords on forms" IS checked.
                Should "Forms" be checked also?

                Actually - the problem seems to be getting better. Perhaps it is taking some time for the cookies to rebuild themselves?


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                  Check that the date time on your computer is correct.

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                    I'm betting it's the cookies. I browse anonymously, including cookies, unless I say it's OK. That means that every time I sign in here, I have to type in everything. Understand that there is no reason to think twice about this site, but I typically go either to another destination where I do not wish to be tracked, or am coming from one such site. Cookies generally do not rebuild over a period of time, but they must be set (placed on your computer) at least once.

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