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Disappointment with the "Auto Club"

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  • Disappointment with the "Auto Club"

    Please tell me if I am being unreasonable, to wit:

    I am disappointed with the Automobile Club of Southern California. After being a member for 26 years they are refusing to honor my request - via telephone - to cease sending me their marketing mail. They are saying that it is "policy" that this must be done in writing - on their special form - that they would mail me for me to fill out and return to them. I presume that I would provide the stamp for the return postage. But the postage is not the issue.

    I am disappointed and outraged that their "policy" is to refuse to do this via a simple telephone call with one of their customer service representatives.

    I have just received my renewal for the coming year and am planning on enclosing a formal letter requesting that they stop their marketing mail to me henceforth, without filling out their official form to do so.

    The main reason that I am a member at all is for the emergency roadside service(s). I am paranoid about being overcharged and provided with substandard emergency service if I were to request it as a private individual.

    Thank you in advance for your input!

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    Same thing with junk email. To un-subscribe, some just say click here and poof its done your off the list...others require you to fill out a survey..etc... They got you by the you know whats and that in itself is the frustrating part!
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      Indeed, Hamman! Perhaps this is a good time for me to have an attack of incontinence? LOL!


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        I have experienced a similar situation with my roadside service provider. Their policy also is they will only act on such requests via a signed letter. No biggie for me; I was just glad to be rid of the junk mail.

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          The problem originates when you sign the initial enrollment. You're actually signing an agreement to submit to marketing efforts by them, and allowing them to sell your information. I recently went through this with the purchase of a vehicle. I crossed out that part of the agreement, and they told me they couldn't give me the loan because of it. Go figure!
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            I don't know if you have this issue in the 'States.

            Often at the bottom of various forms there will be a few questions along the lines of "We make it our policy to pass your information to selected partners..., please tick if you want to receive marketing information". Pretty obvious what to do here.

            Then the sneaky bit where they deliberately twist the question around to confuse people.

            For example, the next question will be. "...we wish to share information with X. Please tick if you don't want to further marketing information."

            Then they'll swap back to first format for the next question.

            Naturally, when scanning down such questions one would assume they all follow a similar format of "tick if you want to share your information". Clearly not so!

            Also some web forms are very devious. They will have the boxes pre-ticked in favour of sharing your information in the hopes you'll not notice and skip over them.

            ...says he who has just had to pick up the umpteenth pizza delivery flyer off the door mat for today! I have a recycling box right near my front door. They go straight in that without being read. I must get about a dozen of these every week!
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              I think we may have a few more EU laws about this sort of thing, so those boxes are more evident, and I got my loan even though I declined the mailshots, but I still get lots of the crud through the door! I'm with nullogik, my paper recycling bin is literally 6" from the front door. Mainly newspapers and mags but the junk sure helps the fortnightly recycling collectors fill their truck!
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