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Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

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  • Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

    To my taste you already have more than enough strings. You are missing some principals. This is very difficult without hearing the organ in question. But I guess it sounds rather romantic.

    There is no need for a 32' in the pedal if you cannot put a 16' plenum on the great against it.

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    Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

    Do you really not have a S to Gt unison? you have a 16 and a 4 listed but no unison. I'm assuming it's an oversight.

    It actually looks like a decent set up to me. You could get a beefier 16' in the pedal from the MIDI addition. It doesn't look like you have a good hymn leading mixture.
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      Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

      Sorry ... there is a S/G 8 foot coupler. That would be weird to not have it!!!

      You are correct in the hymn leading mixture comment. My usual selection is all in, all the time unless it's a particularly quiet piece. I need everything to keep up, especially if the choir is leading the congregation. Well, not everything. I don't draw the 16' couplers. But everything else I do.

      On Havoc's post. I'm not even sure which of those stops are strings. I just know what the sound like and what works together. I guess that's what happens when a pianist just takes up the organ without formal training.

      The biggest 2 problems to me with the organ in playing it is A.) The great diapason is the only unenclosed stop and it is of very large scale. It takes almost a full organ to balance it. The other is that the Swell Diapason is soft and stringy and the 2 manuals are difficult to balance volume wise (i.e. I can't run a melody line on the great and having something else going on the swell).

      It was originally a tracker with a loud, dull sound. Then the trompette and mutations were added. They are too bright for the rest of the organ. But we have what we have.

      What I'd really like is to have a celeste on the great with a beefier diapason on the swell and a another string. Not a fauxboe like the Oboe Gamba. The pedal section is anemic and weak at best so that needs some attention too.

      But here again, I don't know that my comments are worth much because I'm not entirely sure what I'm really in need of. - Jim


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        Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

        Bombarde, here's what I would do, don't know if it fits your specs though:

        8' Open Diapason (unenclosed)
        8' Clarabella (make sure it is clear, not muddy)
        8' Voix Celeste II (Sw-can allow for a flute solo on swell and accomp. on great)
        4' Octave
        4' Flute (ext.)
        2' Super Octave (ext)
        Mixture III (replace Dulciana + 2 new ranks)
        8' Trompette (Sw)

        16' Leiblichgedackt
        8' Gedackt
        8' Salicional (because it is closer to a principal than most other strings)
        8' Voix Celeste
        4' Fugara (a principal would be best but an extension of the Salicional is better than nothing)
        4' Flute
        2 2/3' Nasard (formerly on great)
        2' Octave Flute (from Flute)
        1 3/5' Terz (from Nazard rank)
        16' Contre Trompette (TC unless you can get it extended)
        8' Trompette

        32' Resultant (Leiclichgedackt, would be an underpining rumble)
        16' Principal (digital)
        16' Lieblichgedackt (Sw)
        8' Octave (replace Bourdon)
        8' Gedacktflute (Sw)
        4' Choralbass (ext.)
        16' Contre Trompette (Sw-if you can get it extended)
        8' Trompette (Sw)
        4' Clarion (Sw)

        16' Swell to Great
        8' Swell to Great
        4' Swell to Great
        8' Great to Pedal
        8' Swell to Pedal

        It's not perfect but may give you some ideas. There is some borrowing but the Great Diapason chorus is intact, with a strong Pedal bass, adding the 16' Contre Trompette would give you a lot of clarity. The 8' Trumpet on the Great would allow for a strong reedy great chorus against the softer Swell chorus in Baroque music. A full Cornet is available on the Swell, with a Celeste for those soft pieces. Hopefully withthis arrangement couplers would not have to be used much, thereby hiding the borrowing, but the couplers are there for those Widor Toccata's when you just have to have everything available.



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          Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

          sorry - forgot this, unenclose the great if possible, and revoice the Diapason to be solid, breathy, and bright, and all other principals to match


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            Re: New Organ Spec for Expansion

            Interesting ideas ... It looks like you've got a few new ranks on there but not too many. That certainly would give it a bit more flexibility.

            I have a feeling the organ would have been more highly unified initially if solid state electronics had been around during the last rebuild. They were probably trying to keep the relays simple or something. I've sat down and wondered many times why things are organized the way they are and why they didn't do things a bit differently. Your comments are much appreciated.

            - Jim