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  • sbcglobal email

    Please tell me I am not alone.

    Starting on Monday, October 8th, my sbcglobal email has been repeatedly giving me that big yellow "sorry for the inconvenience - temporary error" message at the top of my screen. This happens both in IE8 and Firefox. When I try again, the system will work okay.

    Is anyone else here with sbcglobal or yahoo email getting this on a regular basis? I have seen this error in the past - but only very rarely. Perhaps they did some kind of system maintenance over the weekend or on Monday and it backfired.

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    It suddenly got better or resolved completely early afternoon PDT. Let's hope it stays that way. It does this sometimes, but normally only for a few minutes rather than two days.


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      Is your avatar a picture of your home instrument?

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        Yes indeed!


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          Uh, no I had no problem this weekend, except with my local drop quitting Sunday afternoon (3 lights missing on the modem for 30 minutes). I use SBCglobal, but it always bounced to att.yahoo.com so I quit using the sbc version of the url years ago
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            What I have found out that happens with the sbcglobal.net email is that when I get that repeated error message it is usually because of my email streamed to my phone 24/7 or kindle fire or tablet. If I close out the email streaming to those devices, then the one on the computer works great with no more "pondering" or error messages.

            Oh, and now I use Google Chrome and to me it's much better then any other browser!
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