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Halloween Spectacular -a MIDI based stage performance with Tesla Coils

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  • Halloween Spectacular -a MIDI based stage performance with Tesla Coils

    OK, I'm sure some of the folks here have developed some fun stuff for Halloween.
    This appeared like the best spot to post this, in hoping others here may be interested in the tech involved.

    I'll start it off with the Halloween Extravaganza our family is doing this year.

    My children wanted to do a stage show, something Halloween themed.

    Back in March I began compositions of two separate performances. One is a dancing skeleton show of our youngest and three of her friends, wearing skeleton morphsuits on a stage illuminated by black lights. They've worked for weeks rehearsing the choreography.
    This is their rehearsal sound track using seven MIDI driven robotic instruments:
    "Danse Macabre" http://youtu.be/_SrYhGLFemA

    The second show is of our middle daughter performing a Zombie Ballerina routine, set to a creepy adaption of a movie track:
    "Zombie Ballerina" http://youtu.be/hcg9TlOhSw8

    Last Saturday, we ran a full technical sound check of the instrument hardware. Then in the evening we continued with a Tesla Coil intermission show for a few hundred folks that wandered in to find out what all the racket was.

    All MIDI driven instruments shown during the daytime test: http://youtu.be/Nz1sxjP_XB0

    Giant Tesla Coils will play the lead tracks of the children's stage performances.
    The 7ft tall twin, audio modulated, 10Kva Tesla Coils performing OneRepublic's "Secrets": http://youtu.be/SLAAlHcpYNw

    There are other tracks on my channel if you are interested. From Dvorak to Dueling Banjos.

    I'll follow up with the video of their actual performances during the Halloween show.

    Regards, Jeff