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More Computer Questions - Sorry About That !!

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  • More Computer Questions - Sorry About That !!

    I apologize to the group mind for posting more computer questions, to wit:

    My technician has what I consider to be unusual suggestions and I am seeking other opinions. Here is what he recommends:

    --Never use "stand by" or "screen saver." If you step away for a short while, simply turn the monitor off. If you will not be using your computer for several hours or more, shut it down and then restart it when you need it.

    --Use Disk Cleanup regularly to clean out temporary files.

    --Use Glary Utilities one-click maintenance to keep the registry clean.

    --Turn off all automatic updates in the control panel to avoid collecting extraneous junk.
    (I find this one very strange. He is referring to Windows updates, not individual updates, such as Adobe Flash, etc. However, since I have Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 and Microsoft will not be supporting Windows XP much longer, this may be a non-issue anyway.)

    ADDENDUM: Is there any substantial difference between "Adblock Edge" and "Adblock Plus"?

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    Well I definitely disagree with the first one.
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      Here is my take (I do software and system integration for fairly large computer systems):
      Screen saver vs. shutting off: It depends on the monitor technology. For old tube type monitors, heating up the monitor and bringing it up to high voltage caused some stresses when turning it on. However for modern technology that does not heat up and runs at low voltages, I don't think that is much of an issue. If you have an LCD monitor that is a couple of years old, it probably is lighted by fluorescent tubes that have a very definite lifetime that you are using up by leaving it on, even with a screen saver. I would lean towards shutting it off both for saving lifetime and electricity. For a really current LCD monitor lighted with LEDs, the lifetime should be so long that it is really random when it fails, and the power draw is significantly lower even than older LCD monitors. How is that for avoiding a definite answer?

      Disk cleaner - with modern disk sizes (hundreds of GBs and up), the temp files tend to be small enough that you don't need to worry about them. Run disk cleaner if you are low on disk space, but it probably will not free up enough space to matter.

      Glary registry cleaner - In the old versions of windows, there were some cases that registries would gradually grow and slow access, but usually only if you installed and uninstalled lots of software. In a Windows XP or 7 machine, I would never do anything to mess with the registry. I don't know of any benefit from running a cleaner, but there are lots of risks and pain if the registry gets corrupted.

      Windows updates - again this seems like a recommendation based on old versions of Windows. Microsoft is pretty reliable these days with its updates. I have mine set so that I can look at what is being recommended for update, but that is more a reflection of my personality. For a normal user, let Windows do its updates.

      Adblock plus vs. edge - edge just came out and is based on plus. I would stick with the plus version.


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        Many thanks, crapwonk! (Love your Forum name by the way, LOL!)

        I wish I had known years ago that screensaver does not really save the lights. Henceforth, I will turn off the monitor manually whenever I walk away from the computer for more than a few minutes. I have one of those Dell Ultra-High-Resolution monitors that cost about $1000 new seven years ago.

        What about Defraggler (or defragmenting in general)? Based on what you have already said, my guess is that this is another tempest in a teapot. Please advise further on this one.

        Thanks again for everything!


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          Disk fragmentation can be a real problem - sometimes. On modern systems with large hard drives and lots of free space, disk fragmentation should not be a problem. You will accumulate some fragmentation over time, but you will not get any effects from it because there is enough free space for new files to be written without the operating system splitting them on the disk. Microsoft provides a disk management tool that provides a decent visual representation of how the disk is being used and whether fragmentation is a problem. On the other hand, if your disk is full of multi-GB files, defragmentation might buy you a little performance, but you will still have a nearly full disk.


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            Glary Utilities free version is very high quality and useful if you dig around in it, works well in XP and 7 and has a one touch setting that keeps thing humming....................imho
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              Here's my take:

              1. The concept of a screensaver was originally just that. It was to prevent your desktop image from being burned into the CRT's phosphers. Not much of issue with then, and certainly, not an issue now with flat screens. Frankly, I'm not concerned with the life of the fluorescent tubes either. By the time they fail, it's probably time to get a new monitor anyway. Even in XP, you can set it so your monitor powers off entirely after a fixed period of inactivity. The setting is in the screensaver tab.

              2. No harm in that, although it will also delete cached browser files which will slow down your browsing experience as some of these files will have to be downloaded and cached again.

              3. Don't mess with registry unless you have a reason to.

              4. Strongly disagree. Those updates typically patch security vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications. Not doing that leaves you open to security breaches. Those breaches may benefit him when you no longer can boot your machine or it slows down to a crawl and you seek his assistance, but they're no benefit to you and your cyberfriends to whom you may pass the infection. Service Packs are by and large rollups of previous security fixes and issued infrequently. If you're not doing updates, your machine and your data is vulnerable in the interim.

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                Well, if I'm going away from my pc for an hour or more the I switch off the monitor. But not for just a visit to the toilet. The pc itself I do switch off in the evening when I'm going to bed. Unless I'm running emerge --update world

                For updates I'm a follower of "warn me when available". I don't like updates running without me knowing what and when. Problem is that sometimes you are with the laptop on a 3G and I don't want a service pack coming in then. Likewise I don't like toolbars being installed behind my back.

                The other points...don't think the do any harm but not sure they're worth the trouble either. Must be years since I have done any defragmenting. At least not since ntfs came out (around NT4.0).


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                  1) Use it if you want to, or if you need the security that a password-locked screen saver might offer. My monitor will power down to standby after 30 minutes anyway.
                  2) I wouldn't bother
                  3) NO!!!!!!! Don't mess with the registry unless you 100% know what you're up to, and 100% know how to fix the problems that such messing can cause. Registry Cleaners can do as much harm as good and bring my son and I a bit of work!
                  4) I run XP SP2 on this computer, stopped doing the updates years ago, and haven't even bothered with SP3. Firewall and AV software are good quality and well maintained. Haven't had a sniff of anything nasty for years, just a few 'false positives'. However, there's no real harm in letting the auto updates take care of themselves. Vista (YUK!) was a pain when it would want to update before shutting down, and then take ages for the update. I then couldn't put a hot, running lappie into its case! For this reason, you might like to check and update manually, but do so regularly.
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