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organ destruction video on youtube

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  • organ destruction video on youtube


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    Fair enough. Reading the comments it seems that the Church had spent much money and time getting this repaired and it was still playing up. I wonder what brand of organ that is? Can anyone identify it? If you pause it at 2:16 you get a good image of the console.

    Don't mistaken me for a sandal-wearing, museli-eating environmentalist by any means, but I do think destroying it in this manner was rather wasteful. I'm sure spare parts could have been salvaged, recycled, and put to good use in other similar compatible instruments. Wanton destruction of machinery/buildings that might have some further use for entertainment or marketing purposes does not amuse nor impress me.
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      I was thinking the same - surely at least the speakers could have been salvaged. But then I realised that they would be cheap rubbish, to judge by the rest of the organ, and nobody would want to use them to repair or build another instrument. Similarly with the pedalboard - I could do with one, but not one of MFI quality.


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        The organ being destroyed here is a Galanti Praeludium II. First generation digital built from 1986 to about 1992. It is common for Allen dealers/reps to say that "other manufacturers" products fall apart after 15 years, to help sell their own product. This organ likely lived 20 or more years.

        There might be another reason why these people did what they did. The Allen folks did not like the fact that Galanti (GEM) came out with a digitally sample organ in 1986. This model was the beginning of the end of Allen's dominance in the organ world. So, destroying one on YouTube would make them feel good.

        I service quite a number of these organs, and they have not fallen apart like they say, are not overly problematic, and are used regularly by their owners.

        I will say that the build quality in a number of areas left something to be desired, but under "normal use", they do not fall apart. And if properly serviced, which means sometimes having to improve on the manufactured method, they are more reliable.

        In any case, if the video shows "normal use", maybe the same guy could show us how well an Allen survives this kind of abuse.

        Maybe it is the signs of the times, but YouTube has all kinds of videos showing the destruction of organs and pianos.



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          "Maybe it is the signs of the times, but YouTube has all kinds of videos showing the destruction of organs and pianos."

          Perhaps liberal liturgists?


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            Ouch! Hurts me to see this. I have two of these organs, one that I play on every Sunday at church and another one in the shop that just needs a CPU board and it would be a great practice organ. Doesn't make me want to do business with these people, though I can understand the frustration of needing parts for a Galanti and not being able to get anything. Childish behavior, IMHO.
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              Many pieces of wooden furntiture would suffer the same fate. They are not built to be pushed off of trucks onto pavement. If we put the guy on his own dolly and gave him a push, I doubt that he'd be laughing.

              Destroying instruments seems like an odd way to promote a company whose mission (I'm guessing) is to either supply or maintain them.

              They have another video promoting a used Allen ADC-2000 - The first point that he mentions are the lighted music rack and the roll-top. Hmm, those have always been my priorities when buying an organ. NOT. He eventually gets around to a demo - he plays nicely and demonstrates well. But I wonder where I can get a pair of OrganBoots like those? Maybe it's a specialty of the area.


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                Originally posted by regeron View Post
                But I wonder where I can get a pair of OrganBoots like those? Maybe it's a specialty of the area.
                LMAO ROFL!!! I normally don't reply with abbreviations, but it was most appropriate to the post. I wonder if he's any relation to Cameron?

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                  Originally posted by Menschenstimme View Post
                  "Maybe it is the signs of the times, but YouTube has all kinds of videos showing the destruction of organs and pianos."

                  Perhaps liberal liturgists?
                  Praise band only churches are as a whole more politically conservative than the dwindling pool of mainline churches that continue to use traditional ecclesiastical music in their worship, so I'm not sure what your point is by using this term. Yes there are a handful of ultra-orthodox Catholic and Anglican parishes that of course have traditional music, but they are still overall a statistical anomaly.
                  As I've argued before, you can't really apply a liberal or conservative continuum to "traditional" music versus "praise band" music. Sorry - that's simply a point of view that shows ignorance of the overall historical context. I find praise band music ridiculous, too, but even 150 years ago there were Presbyterians in NYC who considered the introduction of pipe organs to their churches to be a Roman abomination. To me what is considered the golden age of Anglican church music, from about 1700 to 1900, is really a product of a period of Enlightenment, of a kind of artistic "liberalism". Remember, the Puritans had earlier destroyed all of the church organs in England for being ungodly. Unaccompanied Gregorian style chants as heard in an Eastern Orthodox church? yes...I can consider that traditional. But that's not what people mean by traditional. So, in other words, you may lament the evolution to popular music styles in church, but people have always lamented and in some cases resisted these changes.

                  As for such videos on youtube, without actively seeking them out I will just say that destruction of anything is just another youtube trope. I wouldn't lose any sleep over an old spinet piano being pushed off a cliff. The world truly does have a surplus of those. There are certain repeated themes of viral videos and wanton destruction of something obsolete is one of them - sometimes I admit they are a bit fun to watch. Not this one though. (Another one far more perplexing is the "unboxing" video, where someone just takes something they've purchased out of its packaging.) I was struck by such a display of juvenility coming from a musical instrument seller who should seem like professionals, so that's why I posted it. I really wonder if anyone at Allen's PR division has seen it...it's hard to believe they think it's a good thing. A better PR move might have been giving the organ to an impoverished family in Appalachia who had a son or daughter who seriously wanted to learn the organ. (should such a family even exist and I'm assuming the organ was not completely non-functional)
                  Generally, this reminds me that another thing that happens on youtube is that people are so brainwashed into thinking viral videos are a good form of marketing and attention-seeking that they jump onto the bandwagon in a way that just makes them look foolish or even abusive. Like the stupid parents who insult their children so they can appear on Jimmy Kimmel.
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                    Youtube: "This video has been removed by the user."
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