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can we create thread for jamming with other musicians?

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  • can we create thread for jamming with other musicians?

    indianajo brought this issue to my attention that it can be hard to find bands to use your Hammond in let alone move it to gigs. I have been using fender's ejamming site. They sold it off as a seperate entity but it's ejamming.com and it's free all you have to do is sign up and it's not a scam it was created by fender engineers and I jam with them over it regularly. Here is what hardware is needed but all this is listed on their site and obviosly you will have to create a login/pswd. FYI there are system compatabilty and configuration test you will need to go through online by yourself before it will let you reach other players. This is to protect experienced users from having to deal with people trying to configure their gear when all they want to do is jam. It's really cool though you can just login in and look for someone in the mood to play what you want and find the other instruments you need for that song. It even allows you to record the sessions. Way cool stuff. I've worked out passages with other musicians over the phone in a pinch but this is way better because actually it can work with a tablet or ipad or smartphone it just depends on your instrument interface. It's a great reasource that I found after screaming at fender for years about gear I bought. It all works great and I will stay a loyal customer but trying to explain how it sounds to a tech vs. just logging in and letting them hear it and having them say "ok do this" and then hear the difference with them talking live through your PA and never having to touch your computer or phone....that's customer support!

    You need:

    1. A pc insturment input device even as simple as this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-a...cording-studio for $60 to interface any mic or instrument to computer. This is usually a USB or Firewire adaptor that takes analog signals and digitizes them for use on computer regardless of pc or mac.

    2. A broadband internet connection. The ejamming site will make you go through tests to make sure your system is compatible and configured properly.

    After that it's just the logins/pswd and you are ready to go. If you have any problems you can contact them and they will ejam with you and test your connectivity so that your "peers/bandmates" can't claim your system is the problem. I ejam with friends overseas in the military just to keep their spirits up.

    For example this is my ejamming setup and it works with both fender/ejamming techs and friends in other countries:

    Computer Hardware: PC Intel P4 3.2GHZ w/ 2GB onboard DDR RAM, 128 MB AGP graphics, 10/100/1000 LAN, Buffalo Airstation Wireless-G WHR-HP-G54 hardwired 10/100/1000 CAT5 to DSL modem with 5mb/750kb speed. This will work fine with a mac but use a desktop or pro laptop. Desktop HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

    Audio Hardware: PreSonus Firestudio 26x26 96khz SPDIF/ADAT Lightpipe connected firewire to pc. Input connections to be disscussed later.

    Guitar 1: Fender Tele-Caster -> Fender CyberTwin SE2 w/ internal 135W amp/spkrs and MIDI Cyber Foot Controller and 4 button MIDI 'hot switch'. NO EXTERNAL EFFECTS ONLY CYBERTWIN!. Outputs are internal speakers, Banlanced XLR stereo line out into presonus and SPIDF out into presons.

    Guitar 2: Gibson Les Paul Jr. (real not Ephone) -> off shelf floor multi-effect pedal -> Fender sidekick.

    Drums: Tama Rockstar with rim mont toms and Zildjians all around.

    Bass: Fender Jazz into Hartke tube head into Marshall G412A.

    PA: Kustom 250W Profile System 2.

    Keyboards: Hammond H-112 S/N 1165, Sequential Circuits MAX 620 sequencer.

    Mics: All Shure SM's

    You don't need the expensive Presonus Firestudio for it. There are plenty of low cost USB/Firewire interfaces made my MOTU and M-Audio for under $75 that will do the job for 1 performer at 1 location. I have a big rig because I can rehearse with my 4 piece band here at my studio as well as bring in a "guest player" via internet for rehearsal before a tour B-)and once you get over the non visual and strictly verbal communication it's seamless. It's like he's there in the room. Ejamming manages to keep the time sync across multiple servers and isp's because THEY ARE NOT TRANSMITTING VIDEO! There is only audio sync and no lip sync so there is no lag like with skype or oovooo.