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    Do you think piano music is connected to "fine" "beautiful" culture/art. Glenn Gould and Eroll Garnet didn't exactly play hiphop if you know what I mean. Right now I'm listeting to Misty by Eroll Garner which reminds me of a piano bar with cigar smoke. But I will have to contradict myself by reminding us all of how important Bach's Air on a G-string has been for a genres of music.
    Maybe this is also something we can say about the culture of organ music.
    what do you fellow Pianist/Organists think?

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    Perhaps I am missing the point, and I hope you will correct me if that is the case, but yes, there has been some truly excellent music written for the pianoforte, and the development of the pianoforte, or simply the piano, filled a void in musical instruments that the organ surely could not have filled at the time. A well tuned and properly working piano, played with emotion, has a lyrical quality that can express a great deal. However, the piano and the organ are two very different instuments, and ideally you play them very differently. Secondly, there are two subcultures of organ music, one being classical organ music and church liturature, the other the theatre organ and the music developed for that class. The theatre organ, and particularly the home theatre organ has been brought low by the advent of easy digital music, which can be downloaded into mp3 players for minimum cost, and no practice is needed to have great music in your head 24/7. Why does the modern teen need an organ?

    Classical organ, particularly the pipe organ, is truly superior in every way to the music written for the piano, but few people ever get to hear such music in person, and feel the music rumbling through their chests as the powerful pedal sounds thunder out the a bass line to the music of the great and swell. You don't miss what you don't know.

    Just my opinion, though,


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      I think I can make head not tails out of either the question or the responses so far.