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Battery Pack Amps

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  • Battery Pack Amps

    Please, someone advise me regarding approximately how many amps is provided by the typical 18-volt DC rechargeable battery pack for a cordless tool such as an electric drill. (I have the manual that came with the drill but it does not tell me.)

    Thank you!

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    It's not quite that simple. Battery currents are usually measured in ampere-hours, which are exactly what they sound like, a measurement of current over time. Often, that amp-hour measurement is also specified at a given current draw- because battery life is not linear at all current levels due to resistance within the battery, temperature constraints, natural dissipation, etc.

    It should also be noted that battery voltage is also non-linear, and may be somewhat higher than rated at full charge or somewhat lower than rated at partial charge, and this will also change depending on current draw- typically it will sag somewhat with higher draws.

    Amazon says that a typical DeWalt 18-volt drill battery is a 2.4 amp-hour battery, which means in an ideal world that it would produce 2.4 amps for an hour, 4.8 amps for 30 minutes, 1.2 amps for 2 hours, 0.6 amps for 4 hours, etc. But as I mentioned, the actual draw will be somewhat more non-linear at these different current levels.


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      Thanks, Michael:

      Please allow me to clarify my reasons for asking. I did an experiment with my cordless drill's freshly charged battery pack. I measured the voltage right before the experiment as 18V DC. The experiment was totally successful. I want to purchase the 8-amp unit linked below and hope that its 8 amps will be at least as much as the battery produced. I am looking for reassurance (even if it is tentative) that said unit will not disappoint me. The unit is NOT to power my drill - it is for an accessory in my car.


      Thanks again!