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  • WD Greenhill

    Hello all.

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this question but does anyone know what's happening down at WD Greenhill these days? I spoke to Nigel last Tuesday and ordered and paid for a service manual expecting to see it in a couple of days but its now been nine days and I still haven't received anything. I have emailed them but had no reply and everytime I telephone it's diverted to a mobile answerphone.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had recent dealings with them or knows if there is a legitimate reason why they might be closed/ignoring emails and phone calls? I've always found them to be professional and courteous so I'm surprised at the issues I'm having with them at the moment.



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    Sadly, Bill Greenhill recently died, taken by advanced and inoperable lung cancer. His son Nigel is continuing the business and, I am sure, will appreciate your patience in this time of family grief.

    Bill, we'll miss you.

    . . . Jan


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      I spoke to Bill a while back when he told me of his condition, I'd known him for 30+ years, a really nice guy.

      Give Nigel a chance to sort things out, I'm sure he'll carry on the family business as Bill would have wanted.
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        Originally posted by Jan Girardot View Post
        Sadly, Bill Greenhill recently died, taken by advanced and inoperable lung cancer.

        Bill, we'll miss you.

        . . . Jan

        WOW! I have been dealing with Bill for most of the last year working on a wide range of projects, whilst I knew Bill's age was beyond the standard retirement age this is still very unexpected.

        Always the gentleman, Bill helped considerably with his valuable time and assistance in discussing various analogue organ design projects and will be sorely missed.


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          Thanks for the replies guys. That is sad news. I spoke to Bill myself a few times and he was always full of useful info and advice. A great loss. I've not heard anything but that's understandable I guess. I hope Nigel manages to keep going, it would be a real shame if the business closes its doors.