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McIntosh MVP851 CD/DVD player - origin of transport

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  • McIntosh MVP851 CD/DVD player - origin of transport

    I recently acquired both a McIntosh MVP831 and an MVP851 and they sound excellent. The 831 obviously has a Panasonic DVD-A110U/CA transport - which is fine. The 851 is reported to have a newer version of a Panasonic transport - but it sure does not look like a Panasonic. It was built in 2002. It appears to be made from some high-tech polymer and has a disc clamp that is a translucent honeycomb material and covers the entire disc. Could this be a Denon? Does anyone know the model number? (It is reported to be the same transport as in the Panasonic DVD-RP91.)
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    Partially answering my own question:
    According to another website dedicated to audio equipment, the MVP851 and its immediate predecessor, the MVP841, both have the same transport, which is indeed a Panasonic (not a Denon) and which superseded the earlier Panasonic transport in the MVP831. As mentioned in my original post, the MVP831's transport is a DVD-A110U/CA. Now, I would be grateful to learn the model number of the 841/851 transport.