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    I was probably one of the first few individuals who got involved with The Organ Forum. The creator (guy who started it, not GOD) I know very well. Is it so difficult to stay on the subject? Drives me crazy. I go to post to a thread, and there are 20 million responses which have nothing to do with the origianl subject. Someone asks if is natural to make mistakes during a service, and someone chimes in with questions concerning unrelated subjects, etc.

    If we want to talk about Bish, then let's talk about Bish. If it a specific Conn model, why npt keep tje topic to that particular Conn model?

    If the discussion is about pay for organists, why not stay on the subject and not go off into areas concerning specific problems between organists and choir directors and pastors?

    The site is a good one, but there are individuals whom, I think, can't stayed tuned to the program.


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    Re: Threads

    very good points.

    also remember that these threads are searched by multiple unregistered folks looking for information on whatever, so it really does help everyone to keep the threads on topic....create new topics or resurrect a old thread if a change of subject is desired...

    as one who has derailed all sorts of threads myself I'll try to watch myself.


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      Re: Threads

      Peoples mind don't work linear. There is a subject, you read the post, think of something that is related -in your mind- and post it. But it can be very disconnected for someone else. I think it is very reasonable here, can be much worse. Bit of a problem with all non-simultaniously non-verbal communications I think.


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        Re: Threads

        A lot of good posts and a lot of stupid posts but without all those posts we wouldnt be here. Of course some some like CM had a low tolerance for noise and couldn't separate the good from the trash. The loss is mutual.

        That's America, my friends. "If you can't handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen".
        But then you won't taste the apple pie.

        Organs and associated instruments have been around for a few (thousand) years and I expect them to be around a few more along with people holding this common interest.

        So a few want to talk off subject. Who really cares.

        I'm here for good communication and information.

        Thanks for the Organ Forum.



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          Re: Threads

          I really enjoy this forum, and don't mind that things get a bit off-topic within a thread. It seems that if something gets way off, someone steps in and suggests that the the topic should go to its own thread or a different one--right, Moderators? I would hate for it to get so rigid that people are afraid to say what they want to. I have to say, I like the free-flowing nature of this Forum--as far as it goes-- and find that 98% of the posts are cogent, relevant, and useful (or at least entertaining).

          So let's not get our knickers in a twist over this.



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            Re: Threads

            Exactly, gsneide!

            I was trying to put that into words earlier, but couldn't seem to get it from my head to the screen.

            Let's try and keep posts in their proper threads, for the sake of convienence, but we shouldn't be so rigid...


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              Re: Threads

              I'll repeat what I said when dec brought initially this up (off topic, I think! LOL) in another thread.

              Natural conversation is not linear, and there's a lot that would be lost if we occasionally didn't go off at a tangent. Maybe dec has a point in some that some of the threads have gone W-A-Y too far away but, on the whole, I think this forum strikes a pretty good balance. We can always look back up the thread sometimes (we all do, don't we???) and get back on topic without actually being told to.

              In short, if you want a BIG change of topic, sure, definitely start a new thread and post a 'link' to it in the thread you've come from. Otherwise, let's not be too rigid and go with the natural flow of our e-conversations.

              Andy G

              PS: dec, please don't give up on the forum, as your previous comments suggested you might. Your insight, opinions and experience are valued.
              It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

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                Re: Threads

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                I dont' know, I think my mind works pretty linearly... Now what was I saying.. oh, yes, maimed Irsihman...


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                  Re: Threads

                  Tell us how you REALLY feel! lol

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                    Re: Threads

                    I hate people who complain about this crap. Feel lucky that you have people replying.

                    Same thing happens in face to face conversations as well.

                    If you want every post to be on-topic, find an organ email list that is moderated by a fascist. Until then, quicherbichin.
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                      Re: Threads

                      As others here have observed topic drift is inherent in any conversation and is unavoidable.
                      The drift from the original topic is often slow making it difficult to identify precisely where the original topic has been lost. Even if this point can be identified, software limitations prevent moderators from moving parts of the threads into a new topic.

                      In addition to trying to stay on topic, there are a couple of things forum members can do help with the problem.

                      First, when posting a reply, click the reply button on the particular message you wish to reply to rather than the last message posted. For example, I'm replying here to dec rather to buzzy even though buzzy's message happens to be the most recent posted. If I wanted to make a comment on buzzy's humor, rather than dec's complaint, then I'd click on buzzy's message to reply.

                      The reason for this is that the Organ Forum is fully threaded. What that means is that each reply is capable of creating a thread of it's own. You can see what I mean by changing the Display option at the top of screen from Flat to Threaded. You can use this option to avoid navigating down those sub-threads that have drifted from the main topic, but this works best only if people click the reply button for the particular message they are commenting on rather than the last one posted.

                      Viewing this thread in the threaded view indicates to me that most here are just clicking on the last message in the thread when they reply rather than being selective.

                      In addition you can change the subject header in your reply. For example, if you are reading dec's thread about left handed organists and someone asks how to build a strong left hand, by all means reply to that particular post, but also change the subject in that reply to "building a strong left hand". That helps establish the thread flow for those using the flat view.


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                        Re: Threads

                        This may help

                        Posting and You

                        That about says it all right there.


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                          Re: Threads


                          Very funny!


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                            Re: Threads

                            That completely made my day!

                            That is the funniest thing I've seen all day, and I've been to Wal-Mart today.


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                              Re: Threads

                              Walmart is not funny, Walmart is traumatic. Trying to cram a Grand Marquis into a parking spot at Walmart, is masochism. Although that video was funny.