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    Musical ability and OCD as well as ADHD seem to have some connection, just an observation based on my garage and music room
    Originally posted by myorgan View Post
    What makes you think [squirrel] anyone here [point] has ADHD? (Hint: Watch the movie Up).
    Gee, thanks! Now, I'm just the chaff among the wheat.:'( However, I have been trying to find the time to begin some of the writing for some of the Wiki materials I'd like to add. Taxes come first--then probably death.


    P.S. I hope I didn't offend anyone. With OCD, it's hard to ignore posts--even though they are repeated endlessly. I also used the Forum's Search function to compile the list that started this thread, so I guess it worked for me.
    the organ shoes posts are the most irritating though
    1956 M3, 51 Leslie Young Chang spinet, Korg Krome and Kronos


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      Organs are just one of my too diverse interests, and IMHO this is a problem on most every internet discussion forum. I almost mean "problem" in the formal logic related sense, not a more practical definition. Call it the paradox of internet conversation or something...people delude themselves into thinking no one else could have had their concern/problem/question etc...even though information theory suggests that almost no question is actually a truly novel one. (unless you have a brand new discussion forum)