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Spam, Sort Of: Kampala Soul

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  • Spam, Sort Of: Kampala Soul


    Moderators, please let me know if this is not the right place for this post. General Chat is probably the best place, so I've moved it accordingly. Andy-Mod.

    I've become friendly on-line with a group of fine musicians from Kampala, Uganda. Their take on what I think of as American music intrigues me, "in the pocket" but with their own unique Ugandan stamp. The idea that this music has gone full-circle, from Africa to America and back to Africa again, has captured my imagination. I want to go and hang with these folks, jam, talk, and video the whole thing as a documentary. It is my deep conviction that these artists are deserving of a much wider audience.

    Contributions will go mostly to trip expenses, with the balance being spent on producing the video. Each contributor will receive a DVD of the finished product.

    I greatly appreciate any support.

    - Chad
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    Wow, I went to Uganda last January and hung out with musicians! I went to play for my cousin's wedding. She has been a veterinary missionary there for 22 years. The Karamojong people that she lives with are very primitive, they use cattle for currency. We camped on the edge of a village of 8,000 people that will never see an ice cube. We spent one night in Kampala both coming and going. It was very luxurious compared to staying in the bush.

    How did your Good Friday gig go?

    My cousin lives in a mud hut with no electricity or water.

    Some of the local kids, that came to the wedding.

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      Good Friday. Well. I mangled one song and just barely got through the other two. :-> ...I laugh, but I realized this a.m. that I haven't touched a keyboard since. Maybe I will today. I understand why I messed up, but it's still a little embarrassing; I don't need to be seen as a virtuoso, but I would like to be merely adequate! Oh, well, this too shall pass. I love playing the organ too much to quit.

      EDIT: Oddly enough, I played some songs before the service as people were filing in, and although I hadn't ever practiced most of them before, they came out all right and sounded o.k.

      Picothinker, great pics, great story! I love these Kampala guys and hope I can raise the funds for this project.