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Bad Mushrooms need votes

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  • Bad Mushrooms need votes

    Hello hammond fanatics !
    I'm one myself and I owne a hammond P100 (european portable version of L100). Ok I don't want to bother you to much and i'll get straight to the point !
    My band Bad Mushrooms needs your help, we are curently in a contest to win a mini tour in England and it would be a dream come true to play in the cradle of hard rock, all we need is votes to win that contest, and by simple click on Bad Mushrooms in this link http://www.facebook.com/questions/10152711350290444/ you have helped us a great deal and brought us closer to fullfiling our dream.
    By the way this is one of our songs the lyrics are in Croatian since the band is from Croatia. We are all followers of that 70's sound and spirit and we hope you will like our song.

    And the lyrics go somethnig like this

    When the lights are turned real low
    When there's nothing but darkness around
    When we are left alone
    Baby , you and I.

    My body is next to you
    While we're lying naked and wet
    I don't want you to know the truth
    Because it would be our death.

    My body is next to you
    But my thoughts are miles apart
    The day she left for good
    Was the day she took my love away

    I'm trying to be your own
    I'm trying to love you more
    But a heart cannot be fooled
    My heart cannot love you.

    Some other time or place
    We may be a perfect match
    But my burden is my fate
    I'm in anguish, for you there's nothing left

    You'd better run away,
    Find someone to love you back,
    If truth is brought to light
    You'll know my pain.

    Cheers guys !