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Things helping to promote a band

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  • Things helping to promote a band

    http://artistecard.com Is there anyone who uses their services? Can it help me with promotion? Maybe someone knows other similar websites.

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    The most important one is facebook.com IME. :)

    Based on what I see at artistecard.com, you should also check out Reverbnation and the new MySpace.


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      +1 for Facebook. My band also maintains a website Our primary means of promotion is networking, hustling, and being open to playing on spec or doing benefit performances.

      I must add, that three of the five of us have been on the local scene for many, many years and bring a following from that, and our singer has spent several years working in many of the local clubs as barmaid, bartender, manager, etc. That kind of gives us an advantage. That and versatility - we're nominally a blues band but we're open to doing material that is crowd pleasing.

      And even though we're in a fairly rural area, there are a hell of a lot of working bands here and we network as much as possible, seeing other bands, supporting them, and making friends with them. This has paid off twice when one or another of us was sick and getting a sub just took one phonecall.

      And, we're easy to have in the venue - no prima donna action, no showing up unprepared or drunk, and no stupid demands.

      Another thing is advertising; we're lucky enough that one of us - me - is a former commercial artist, graphic designer, and theatrical publicist. We do nice posters and have a good looking logo.

      Bottom line is, we do music people like to the best of our ability, are friendly, and keep as visible as possible.

      Hope this helps.

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