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What was YOUR first encounter with the organ?

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    Long story. Always loved the sound of the organ from my earliest days. Collected organ LPs and then CDs all my life. Mostly baroque. Never did learn an instrument until I retired and took some piano lessons. One day I saw an item in the paper by the organist at our local Presbyterian church. I said to my wife that if there was one thing I wanted to do before I die it was to play the pipe organ. She said, "Why don't you call him and ask if he would allow you to play?" So I did and he very graciously asked me to bring my music and come on over. Found a really nice Schantz three manual organ waiting for me. He asked me what I was playing and I showed him my copy of 'Jesu Joy of man's Desiring,' which he proceeded to play flawlessly. I felt very humbled, but I managed to stagger through it. I don't know what he thought. It was pretty obvious that I needed some teaching. Anyway, he left me to it to play whatever I wanted for the rest of the afternoon. I asked him if he gave lessons and he said that he didn't but would give me the names and e-mails of several guys in town who might. I found one who would take me on as a student and have been taking lessons from him for about 18 months now. Real nice guy and a good teacher. 'Jesu Joy' is now starting to sound a bit better. :embarrassed: Eventually went out and bought a used Allen ADC 1000 for a practice organ. Usually play for a couple of hours a day. Only regret is that I didn't do it years ago. As someone else noted learning new pieces seems to take longer than it probably would have if I were not sixty nine. Hoping for a few lessons from Mr. Bach himself one for these days.
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      Hammond A100, Leslie 760 and a Yamaha PSR S710.


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        Animals Alan Price's take on House Of The Rising Sun cracked the door, and Matthew Fisher's WSOP and everything done by Ray Manzarek kicked it wide open. I was a guitar player, but really always wanted to play organ. I finally got serious access to one when I bought an old Farfisa Compact Duo in my early 20's and started getting somewhere until a "helpful" bandmate forced the plug into the power supply in the worst possible way. Many years went by, I got into synths in the 80's and started getting organ-like sounds out of the old Alpha Syntauri and Yamaha DX7. Started my current band on bass and soon switched to keys. Three Hammonds and a Roland clonewheel soon followed. I don't play anything like Price, Fisher, or Manzarek, tho.

        1956 Hammond C3
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        1985 Yamaha DX7 Mk. I
        Roland SH-101, JV-880, JV-1080, VR-760
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        Previously owned: 1961 Hammond M3, Gulbransen Paragon, RMI 368 ElectraPiano, Farfisa Compact Duo, Roland EP-09 piano, and Crumar DS-2 syth-like object, 1940-ish Hammond Model D, 1975 Rhodes 73 Mark I Stage Piano.


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          Originally posted by Twiggybush View Post
          Indy, those are some pretty good references. I'll be checking them out. However, what was your first experience? You know, that impressionable moment.
          Young Organist, what was your first experience?
          Well I never thought you would ask. As you can tell by the name, I am a young organist. Actually 14 to be exact, which might throw you off abit and think, really what does a kid know. Well here's the answer: Not very much about organs, for it is only my first year playing them.
          My first encounter was age 7, when, since my mom is fully Romanian, I went to Romania over the summer. there in the Very Very small town, where my mom grew up was a old church build in the 1600's. A few hundred years later, the organ, which ill get to later, was installed in 1755, by some German builder. So, for the past 14 years, they have been giving organ concerts there. When I came there over summer break, I always wanted to go do something ( for we only had an apartment, and I was a very 'active' boy). So year after year, every summer I went to every organ concert (still do), and year after year, I always begged and pleaded at my parents to start me up on organ. So just last summer, when I was in Romania, I actually saw the console. Not being the first time seeing a organ console, I wasn't so amazed, but still none the less, it was a 200 year old console (restored). When we first met w/ my teacher there, I recognized her. I sat there at the organ while she was giving me my first lesson and kinda ignored her.
          'Who was she?' I wonderd! Oh my Gosh! The lady at the door I have seen every summer (at Orglezummer)! So there began my organ expedition. Thanks for asking! But overall, I you ask me organ against piano? I'd go for a organ any day of the year.


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            Five years before my existence, my dad came back from the Vietnam war and wanted to buy two things: A 1972 Pontiac Bonneville droptop, and an organ to learn to play. It ended up being a Lowrey TLO-1R or something like that. He never went too far with the lessons though. However, as early as 1 year old, there's pictures of me sitting at that Lowrey plunking around. As I grew, from time to time I would turn the organ on and play around on it a little, and figured out how to use the little key chart that came with it when it was new. I was always very curious about how this thing would sound with an actual song being played, but I could never get dad to play anything recognizable on it.
            We attended church regularly, and there was the proverbial nice old lady who played the ever-ubitiquous Hammond CV organ replete with D-20 tone cabinet, and the vibrato raging away during every hymn.
            Anyway, finally at about age 10, one evening I was doing my chores, dusting the living room, and got to the organ, but for some reason got distracted by the stack of music in the bench. Decided it was a good idea to sort it out, categorize and alphabetize it; my mom was aggravated with my ADD-OCD-like behavior at the time, and started yelling at me to put dad's music back in the bench and quit messing around. I looked up at her and stated that I wanted to learn to play the organ. I figured if I was ever going to hear this thing work, i'd have to do it myself. So I did....and still am, but on much more comprehensive organs now.
            However, I never got to enjoy the Bonneville. Word was that mom had a little too much fun with that 389 tri-power!


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              Nice story, Dave! I will spare us my version because it is too byzantine. By the way, I appreciate your vocabulary. I have not heard the word "replete" for years and "droptop" is normally what the British call a Rolls-Royce convertible. They also use the term "drophead."

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