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Andrew Carnegie

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  • Andrew Carnegie

    I found this statement on Organ Chat today, in a post about Andrew Carnegie:
    Over the course of his life, Andrew Carnegie endowed 2,811 libraries and
    many charitable foundations as well as the internationally famous Carnegie
    Endowment for International Peace. He also bought 7,689 organs for

    The purpose of the latter gift was, in Carnegie's words,

    "To lessen the pain of the sermons."
    I suspect this is a fact unknown by many here.


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    I'm grateful to Mr Carnegie, especially for the libraries. I first lived in a town with a Carnegie library age 30, but their ubiquity shamed a lot of cowtowns coal towns and oil towns into building a library. When 10-14 I had a six book a week habit assuaged by the local Harris county library and the baskets on my bicycle. My coal miner grandfather had to fill his need for print with dime novels (boring after the first dozen) and a set of Encyclopedia Brittanica bought from the door to door salesman in plush 1926.
    Pity the organ traveler never reached any of the towns I lived in. I had to wait until FM radio was inexpensive to discover the favorites of J S Bach on classical organ. You had to listen to a sermon in Latin to hear a good organ in the towns where I grew up.
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      Originally posted by davidecasteel View Post
      I found this statement on Organ Chat today, in a post about Andrew Carnegie:
      I suspect this is a fact unknown by many here.

      I have heard that a lot of the Carnegie-donated organs were one manual reed organs, particularly Mason & Hamlins.


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        Apparently a few Esteys as well:

        Andrew Carnegie Donations for Estey Pipe Organs


        Opus No.






        Laurel Avenue Presbyterian Church Johnston PA
        31 1902 Fifth Street Methodist Church Harrisburg PA
        52 1903 Bridge Street Presbyterian Church Catasqua PA
        53 1903 Lower Providence Presbyterian Church Eaglesville PA
        66 1903 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Columbia PA
        83 1903 St. John's Reformed Church Mifflinburg PA
        97 1904 First Methodist Church Media PA
        133 1904 Methodist Church Bedford PA
        140 1904 St. Luke's Reformed Church Trappe PA
        166 1904 Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity Jersey City NJ
        186 1904 Presbyterian Church Hamilton Square NJ
        207 1905 Ebenezer Methodist Church West Philadelphia PA
        246 1905 First Presbyterian Church Cape May City NJ
        247 1905 Baptist Church New Britain PA
        287 1905 Methodist Church Sayre PA
        476 1907 Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church Plymouth MA
        606 1908 Presbyterian Church Center Moriches PA
        611 1908 Metropoplitan Temple New York NY
        624 1908 Congregational Church Fulton NY
        679 1909 Fulton Avenue United Bretheren Church Baltimore MD
        683 1909 Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church Lakeport NH
        703 1909 Meade Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church Nesquehonig PA
        742 1910 Capitol Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Denver CO
        882 1911 Methodist Episcopal Church Stoughton MA
        959 1912 First Baptist Church Terrell TX
        1003 1912 Central Baptist Church Chelmsford MA
        1008 1912 First Baptist Church Randolph VT
        1160 1913 First Presbyterian Church Antrim NH
        1242 1914 Trinity Church of United Bretheren New Cumberland PA
        1263 1914 First Congregational Church Whately MA
        1279 1914 Northside Unitarian Church Pittsburgh PA

        1914 First Baptist Church Anoka MN

        1916 First Baptist Church Hope Valley RI

        1904 Methodist Church Dauphin PA
        Click image for larger version

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