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Do I suspect negativity against keyboards?

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  • Do I suspect negativity against keyboards?

    I recently made my first post in this forum


    No response so far but early days I suppose. I am an active member of three keyboard forums and all of them produce responses very soon after a post. I see a vast array of forum groups here and am wondering if here digital keyboards are very much the Cinderella instrument.

    I again invite you to look and listen to the organ performance at the link in the above reply post of mine. If this truly is not of interest then perhaps someone would say so and I will disappear like Reginald's exit.

    Ian (Beemer)

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    I don't think that negativity is the case here. I personally did not enjoy the particular video clip as presented.

    The clip below shows a much more comprehensive range of the Tyros 5's abilities with Classical Organ, Hammond Emulation, Home Organ Flutes, Theatre Organ Tibia & Vox and Vintage Organ & Leslie emulation features which impressed me much more.


    More videos, this time from Bonners of Eastbourne -

    Drawbar Organ:

    James Bond:

    WurliTzer Organ:

    Rock -Cha Cha and Sway:

    Fanfare for the Common Man:

    Classical Organ:

    Wersi Style:

    Romance Strings:

    Shadows Guitar:

    Del Shannon Runaway:

    Boogie Piano:

    Big Band Brass Ensemble:

    Grand Piano:

    Vintage Electric Piano:

    Mute Trumpet:
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      Yes Martin and Ian are great players and I enjoyed all. Thanks for taking the time from your renovations to respond!



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        Negativity? Probably not, but the vast majority of the members on here are primarily organists and not particularly interested in the electronic organ's younger sibling. The Combo Organ and Keyboard section is fairly new itself, so give it a little time to find its feet and gain followers.

        Nothing wrong with today's keyboards, I was there (but out of camera shot) when Ian did the demo for Bonners featured in the videos. For a youngster he's not bad! :P

        With a bit of luck I'll be doing some software for the Tyros 5. Lowrey Organs had more sounds than just flutes, and you can tweak some settings on the 'leslie' on those Lowrey sounds to make it even better. Add in some Thomas organ sounds and some extra theatre voicings and you'll have some idea of what I have in mind! Making a good thing even better. Now if I can just persuade Bonners that the T5 in my teaching studio there could come home with me for the holidays......

        Please stick around, enjoy the organ topics and start some talk about the keyboards.

        Andy G
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          Firstly, welcome to the Organ Forum.

          I think it's only natural that when you post on other keyboard forums about keyboards then you will get a greater and faster response.
          It's horses for courses. I have posted about my MIDI 'organ' on a keyboard forum and found a similar lack of response. Not that that worried me.

          So, do not confuse negativity and indifference. I think you will find that a lot of members on this Forum have a particular interest and therefore tend to only watch a few genre specific sub forums. I generally only watch the MIDI, electronics and how to play forums.

          Personally, I think the Tyros is an interesting device - but I won't be buying one
          My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here: http://www.organforum.com/forums/sho...l=1#post427320