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$5 Stereo Preamp.

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  • $5 Stereo Preamp.

    Perhaps I should of posted this under General Gadgets instead of General Chat. Anywho, Last week I was fetching about for a preamp to use for adapting a reverb spring tank to my dual channel Leslie. I didn't want to dedicate a better quality pre for the job so I came up with this. OK, I'm cheap...but what can I say? I dug out an old cassette deck and put it in pause/record mode and it worked fine. I didn't like the big box though, so I cut it in half. I now have a utlity stereo preamp of a thousand uses. I'd been wanting to do this for some time. What's not to like. A pair of 1/4" jacks feeding VU meters,respectable preamps,rca line out and onboard power supply. Beat that Behringer. These things are like $5 at Goodwill but I know we all have one gathering dust.Click image for larger version

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    Great concept !

    I have a couple laying around that I was going to donate. Now I have a good use for their guts.
    Thanks for the idea.

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      Lets see. 18 v wall transformer $1. 2 1n5344 diodes $2. 2 filter caps, junk, 1 new cap $.27. Two 2 watt resistors $.015. RF supression coil junk. Dip project board $1. 8 pin dip socket $1.60. Potentiometer $1 or junk. 4 gain setting resistors, $.04. ST33078 op amp, $.38. two grab bag 33 pf disk caps, two grab bag 470 pf disk caps, 1/25 of a $1 grab bag 30 years ago $.04. steel cookie tin to put it in, goodwill $1 or trash from recycle bins. Two RCA jacks $3. $10.80 You win.
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