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Wedding Prelude Music Listened To!!!

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  • Wedding Prelude Music Listened To!!!

    At my present post I don't play a lot of weddings, perhaps 8 per year, but typically the wedding is not a family from the church, but outsiders. Often you can tell that they (wedding party and guests)really don' t know how to behave in church - probably because they are so rarely in a church!</P>

    Uusally when I am playing the prelude it is very noisy, and I often feel that it is a waste of time. However, today I played a wedding and there were about 90 guests and it was SILENT. They were intently listening! I played the prelude musicfor 15 min., with the wedding starting 5 min. late, which wasn't too bad.</P>

    What an enjoyable experience. I felt like I was giving a recital, albeit not particularily recital repertoire! (I did, though, sneak in a few Easter Sunday morning selections - all the more rewarding since they were "listening".</P>




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    Re: Wedding Prelude Music Listened To!!!

    Very cool, Lawrence. I alsoget plenty of noise during my preludes at a wedding, but what you experienced was very cool. I hope that happens to me someday!